Zero alcohol Stella and Corona

To celebrate dry January and acknowledge those taking part this month, we tried five different low and zero alcohol beer, ranking them worst to best.

Our team had a friendly game of zero alcohol beer pong and attempted to guess which band of beer was in each cup once one of us had scored.

The five beers were, Stella Artois premium alcohol free, Corona alcohol free, Lucky Saint zero alcohol, Erdinger Alkoholfrei and Doom Bar zero alcohol.

Unfortunately, despite our best attempts we were unable to match most of the beers with the correct brand despite how convinced we were about our predictions.

We were however able to rank them from best to worst once we identified each of them.

Fifth Place: Doom Bar (£1.50)

Doom Bar was ranked the worst of the five, I surprisingly didn’t mind it as it had a sweetish flavour but everyone else voted it unworthy and it sadly stayed at the bottom, perhaps because it didn’t taste much like a beer.

Fourth Place: Lucky Saint (£1.80)

Unfortunately, this tasteless larger came second to last with a bitterly flavour that was not enjoyed by anyone who took part in the game, was disappointingly disgusting but the bottle looked nice so we’ll give it that.

Third Place: Erdinger Alkoholfrei (£1.50) 

Mediocrely we ranked this beer third, all agreeing we could get used to its flavour, being bearably and is a good recommendation to those trying out new alcohol-free drinks this month.

It was far better than those we put fourth and fifth with some describing it as the one that tasted the closest to the real thing.

Credit Roberto Vivancos no alcohol image from Pexels

Second Place: Corona (four pack £4.00)

Everyone wanted to rank this famous brand third due to how flat it tasted but I stuck by it and convinced it to stay second as it tasted very similar to the real thing but just lacked a bit of fizz and is also highly recommended.

First place: Stella Artois premium alcohol free (four pack £3.50)

Finally, Stella was ranked first as we believed it tasted the closest to its original alcohol version and would be perfect for you to try when keeping up with dry January.

Thanks to everyone who took part, Oscar Dickson, Tom Hunt, Eleanor Lawrence, Scarlett Acres, Louise Dovey and Adam Eaton.

Photo of some taking part in the zero alcohol beer pong challenge

We all had our different opinions and it was a difficult decision but I believe we compromised on what we thought was best in the end.

To know what everyone had to say about each drink, watch our video on CBJ facebook.