Keep an eye out for different birds (credit: Megan Lewis)

January sees the return of the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch, the world’s largest garden wildlife survey.

The event takes place on January, 27,28, and 29, where people will be asked to spend just one hour watching and recording the birds in their garden, balcony or local park, then send their results to the RSPB.

This year marks the 44th Big Garden Birdwatch, starting in 1979, the annual event helps give the RSPB a valuable snapshot of how our garden birds are doing in the UK.

Beccy Speight, the RSPB’s Chief Executive, said: “The birds we see in our gardens, from our balconies, and in our parks, are a lively, colourful and endlessly fascinating part of all our lives, offering a real connection to the natural world.

“By taking part in the Birdwatch you, and hundreds of thousands like you, play an important role in helping us understand how UK birds are doing.”

Across the UK, the House Sparrow was the most commonly seen garden bird during the Big Garden Birdwatch, with more than 1.7 million recorded sightings in 2022.

Beccy added: “Whatever you see – one blackbird, 20 Sparrows or no birds at all – it all counts.

“It helps us build that vital overall picture of how our garden birds are fairing from one year to the next.

“With so much challenging our birds now, it’s more important than ever to submit your results, our garden birds are counting on you.”