Natalie Thackham at her store in West Bridgeford.

Women’s clothing shop in West Bridgford will soon close on January 28 2023 due to a lack of customers and the rising cost of living.

Customers have been told to use their vouchers before January 28 as this is the shop’s final trading day.

The store has been operating for 13 years, and sells hand picked Italian made clothes at High street prices.

Natalie the owner of Estilo says the cost of living crisis and people not coming in to shop since the pandemic has affected them.

Natalie Thackham, 50, owner of Estilo, West Bridgford said: “We are closing down due to the lack of footfall. Since the pandemic we have not really recovered, people that did not shop online before the pandemic now do so that has affected us.

“Also the cost of living; people do not have much disposable income has they did before. The over heads are huge here in West Bridgeford so that has an effect too.”

“I am devastated about the closing of the shop”


She says she is devastated and will be moving online and likely to open another store.

Natalie said: “I have another store in Newark which I will be keeping, I have also got a website which I am working on so I will be moving online also.”

Natalie added: “I am devastated about the closing of the shop, this is my baby, this is my shop. I am really sad I will miss all the customers.”

The closing of the shop has also affected the community members.

Natalie said: “The closing shop is affecting some people in the community. We are another shop that has closed in this avenue. Two other shops have closed here which the community has been affected by and another reason for people not to come to the avenue because there is less here.”

“”The future of the shop depends on the cost of living crisis because people are now hanging on to their money ”

Natalie Thackham

Natalie said: “I will be continuing with my shop in Newark and hopefully go online and make a success of that and I hope to be able to open another shop eventually but not in West Bridgford because of the over heads.

“The future of the shop depends on the cost of living crisis because people are now hanging on to their money because they don’t know what is going to happen next at this point like ‘what is going to go up next’, I did not see this coming.”