What to Wear to The 1975 at Motorpoint Arena - photographed by Scarlett Acres

The 1975 are heading to Nottingham’s Motorpoint Arena on Sunday January 22 as a part of their UK tour, debuting their latest album ‘Being Funny in a Foreign Language’.

This highly anticipated tour has not disappointed so far, Matty Healy and co have already taken the internet by storm with outrageous show antics and stunning stage designs, all accompanied by some of the most successful indie pop songs of 2022.

The hype surrounding The 1975’s latest album and tour has kickstarted a reimagined version of the 2014 subculture trend known as ‘Tumblr core’.

Generations of fans have taken to TikTok to showcase their specific outfits for the awaited tour, this style has been revisited by millennial originators as well as Gen Z who have put their own spin on an iconic fashion era.

It was a trend defined by the online community of Tumblr whose fandom focussed on alternative music and female rebellion, idolising fictional soft-grunge icons like Effy Stonem from Skins and recent additions like Maeve Wiley from Sex Education. 

Tumblr was the first place to widely romanticise the edgy, mysterious and moody archetype who wore dark colours and simple silhouettes, paired with a smokey eye, ripped tights and the classic Doc Martens.

Oversized flannels, denim jackets, slip dresses and band tees are the defining hallmark staples of the epoch, garments anyone would certainly still have in their wardrobe as the longevity of the trend branched off into various fashion eras like ‘90’s Grunge’ or ‘Messy Minimalism’. 

Here is my guide to recreating the perfect outfit for the upcoming Nottingham gig to honour Healy and his rendition of the flamboyant soft-grunge Tumblr aesthetic. 

Outfit One – photographed by Scarlett Acres

Outfit One- Ruched white shirt, black mini skirt, knee high boots.

A twist on the iconic ‘Being Funny in a Foreign Language’ suit, with a white fitted shirt and black counterparts, paired with a leather jacket for additional texture.


Outfit Two – photographed by Scarlett Acres

Outfit Two- grey blazer, black crop top, black mini skirt, knee high boots

The boxy oversized blazer is the focal point of the fit, paying homage to Healy’s admiration for tailored outfits, with similar base layers as the previous outfit incorporating the ‘soft-grunge’ aesthetic.


Outfit Three – photographed by Scarlett Acres

Outfit Three- black waistcoat, black trousers, oversized oxford shirt, converse 

The converse and tailored pairing, a more casual take on The 1975’s classic black and white suit, an outfit that is synonymously infamous with the bands branding.


Outfit Four – photographed by Scarlett Acres

Outfit Four- 3 piece navy pinstripe suit, white sambas 

The three-piece is certainly a statement outfit, this is a versatile option you could dress up or down with the pairing trainers or pointed boots, or maybe an additional base layer underneath the waistcoat for added dimension.


Outfit Five – photographed by Scarlett Acres

Outfit Five- black sheer ruffle shirt, grey jeans, leather jacket black ankle boots

Inspired from Healy’s recent stage outfit which consisted of an open black shirt and matching black trousers, this sheer ruffled shirt paired with grey wash jeans is more of a casual approach.


Outfit Six – photographed by Scarlett Acres

Outfit Six- oversized flannel, white crop top, distressed jeans, Birkenstocks 

An original ‘Tumblr core’ outfit, defined by the oversized flannel and dungarees pairing with and a white crop top and the trending Birkenstock Bostons, paying homage to the era where the band originally rose to fame.

Take some inspiration from these Tumblr-esque fits as it might take you back to your angsty teenage days.

Photo Credit: Scarlett Acres