The Peacock Hotel should reopen in the next month after refurbishments (Photo credit: Martha Percival)

Hopes that Nottingham’s first 100% vegan pub will reopen after refurbishment will give it a face lift.

A company has taken over a city centre pub with hopes to attract new customers despite the pub being fully vegan before closure.

The Peacock became Nottingham’s first vegan pub in 2016 after landlord Michael Scholes decided to take the leap and create a fully plant based menu.

The menu included vegan mac and cheese, tofu ‘fish’ and chips as well as other meat free options.

The pub has closed in 2019 as there was not another landlord to take over managing the plant-based pub-grub.

Star Pubs have taken it over with hopes to complete a huge refurbishment the pub as it has been the same style of interior for many years.

Lucy Hall, a Star Pubs representative said: “We are just completing a major revamp that has completely refurbished The Peacock Hotel in the style of a traditional city centre pub and added quirky stylish finishes and features.”

However, some fans of the fully vegan menu are worried that the pub won’t be the same now Mr Scholes is not landlord as it was a big trailblazer in the rise of plant-based restaurants in the city, despite the pub being empty for the last three and a half years.

Star Pubs are hoping that refurbishing the pub will help gain more customers as it is very close to Nottingham Trent University’s city campus as well as the city centre of Nottingham.

The company are hoping to reopen the pub in February nearly three years after the fully vegan pub closed its doors.

Ms Hall added: “The Peacock Hotel will cater for students as well as shoppers, officer workers and other city residents. We look forward to opening the doors and welcoming people back in early February.”