Nottingham Forest and Leicester City fans arriving at the City Ground.

A “thank you” from Nottinghamshire Police as Forest’s derby day win creates a muted presence from Leicester City supporters.  

Nottingham Forest saw the arrival of derby day at the City Ground this weekend, an important mid-season momentum clash that saw the Reds defeat Leicester City 2-0.

Both goals came from Welsh star-boy Brennan Johnson and helps continue the reds up-turn in form.

Forest are now five points clear from the relegation zone. 

“The usual problems we have of supposed violence or drunk behaviour didn’t happen in a negative way.”

                                     MIA ELLIS-RIGGS

Previous encounters between the two rivals have seen widespread violence throughout Nottingham.

The city centre and West Bridgford have borne the brunt of warring fan bases in recent derbies.

Extra measures and precautions were taken to counteract this.

However, Saturdays clash offered “a family orientated feel” as Leicester and Forest fans dispersed after the game. 

Chief Inspector of Nottinghamshire Police, Jon Foy said: “It was great to see so many people turn up on Saturday and being well-behaved and enjoying the game.

“Our officers were there as part of an operation working alongside Nottingham Forest Football Club to make sure any issues were dealt with quickly and I’m pleased to say the operation was successful without any major incidents.” 

Bars and businesses situated around the City Ground had staff members implementing new policies and rules to stem what was thought to be an incoming onslaught.

But instead found themselves in a place of positive vibes after the Reds home victory. 

Mia Ellis-Riggs, a worker at the Trent Bridge Inn Wetherspoons, 5 minutes from the City Ground, told of the measures the pub put in place in preparation for the game. 

She said: “We took a step to ban any Leicester fans from entering the pub before or after the game by allowing only regulars and people who had a home end ticket.

“We had double the amount of security staff in comparison to a regular game-day Saturday, and it was all unneeded really, the Leicester fans that tried to enter when turned away were very respectful and polite.”

Ellis-Riggs added: “The usual problems we have of supposed violence or drunk behaviour didn’t happen in a negative way.” 

The good behaviour capped off a great weekend for the city, as both of the Nottingham based football teams continue to excel in their league adventures and look to cement themselves in England’s elite.