Outside the women's centre on Chaucer street

As exciting as the World Cup can be there is also an anxious anticipation of violent incidents for many at home.

Research by the University of Lancaster shows that violent domestic abuse incidents increase by 38% when England loses a football match.

Shockingly, rates are also 26% higher when the team wins or draws.

The women centre is one of the largest domestic abuse organisation in Nottingham and work with women, children and teens who have been affected by domestic abuse in Ashfield, Broxtowe, Gedling, Nottingham City Centre and Rushcliffe.

Helen Voce spokeswomen for the women’s centre prides herself in her goals being ‘smashing the hierarchy so everyone can shine’.

Their partner services Juno women’s aid and Nottingham sexual Violence support services are located inside the building working together to help and support women with mental health matters, women offenders, facing extreme poverty, seeking asylum or women who simply want to make a change to their lives.

A new campaign has been made called Stopitcominghome a play on the famous the song and chant ‘its coming home’.

This campaign is being used to raise awareness during these celebratory times, that there is also a negative impact that comes with the football that needs to be resolved.

When speaking to Helen Voce her opinion on the Stopitcominghome campaign, was positive.

‘anything put out there that informs people about these women struggling is beneficial’.

Helen Voce

The women’s centre show their support for the campaign by putting posters and social media posts up about ‘Stopitfromcominghome’.

The women’s centres main objectives are to make every women feel like they are included and no matter is too small to have a chat about.

A sign outside of the women’s centre – They want everyone to be included

Further investigation into the link between football and domestic violence leads to an important factor, which is alcohol.

Several studies have linked the alcohol intoxication with violent behaviour.

The office for national statistics, in march 2018 found that victims of violent crime in England and Wales believed that their perpetrator was under the influence of alcohol in 39% cases.

If you have been affected or know of anyone that has please call the freephone national domestic abuse helpline is 0808 2000 247 or the women’s centre on 0115 941 147.