A view of Forest road in Hyson Green.

Residents in the Hyson Green area where there was robbery three days ago say the area just has a ‘bad name’.

Officers were called to Hyson Street after a robbery attack on Saturday 10 December.

Kander, a resident in who lives in Hyson Green said it is a dangerous place because there are too many crimes that happen there like stabbing, stealing, drug dealings, and nobody really cares but residents have said otherwise.

A shop assistant in the area said it is just a bad name for Hyson Green, but he enjoys living here.

“I think it is just a bad name for Hyson green to be honest”

Nejad Hareem 

Nejad Hareem, 43, Sahaba food store shop assistant, Radford Road, Nottingham, said: “Living in Hyson Green is normal like living in other places. It is a busy road and sometimes it gets very busy.

“I think it is just a bad name for Hyson green to be honest. I don’t know about the past what happened, but I have been here for three and a half years and I have not seen much like a fight or crime or anything like that.”

Mr Hareem said: “It is just arguments people have. There are different cultures and different businesses here. It is a good place to me for my business.”

Caretaker, John Watson at Hyson Green community center

The Hyson Green community center’s caretaker claimed that while it is not as good as it once was, it is still decent.

“Hyson Green is better now than it used to be”

John Watson

John Watson, 65, Hyson Green community centre, Nottingham, said: “St Anns has more crime than here in Hyson Green. Hyson Green is better now than it used to be.”

He added: “Police has been helpful in this community and, we get community protection more around.

“There are always Community Protection Officers (CPO) walking around at night and during the day just to make sure everyone is safe.”

Kander Flan who lives in Hyson Green.

Kander gives a description of her three months while living in Hyson Green.

Kander Flan, 20, store assistant, Radford Road, said:” I have been in Hyson Green for three months, living here, you meet different people, it is unexpected and a nice place.

She added: “It is also good area because there are different shops here where you can shop from and there is ASDA close by too.

“People say Hyson green is known for different crimes like drug dealing, robbery and all which I have seen one or two crimes, but the police have been very helpful.

“Police are always patrolling around making sure everything is okay. In all I think it is a good place.”


Hyson Green is the most deprived area in Nottinghamshire when considering education, employment, health and housing.

It has the highest crime rate.

Hyson Green, is home to different cultures. It has the largest ethnic minority population in Nottingham.