Customers queue up for food at Nottingham's Winter Wonderland - with some customers suggesting the prices are too high.

Visitors and local business owners have expressed concern at the prices at Nottingham Winter Wonderland – deeming it extortionate in comparison to previous years.

Nottingham’s Winter Wonderland has returned until December 31, but with increased living costs meaning many are struggling – the rise in costs has not gone unnoticed.

Prices include £19 steins of lager, £12 burgers and £4 roasted marshmallows, which marketing assistant Holly Price, 20, who was visiting with her friends, deems “ridiculous.”

Marketing assistant Holly Price (left) and friend, Harriet Alexander (right) enjoy a pint at the ‘Sur La Piste’ bar, Nottingham Winter Wonderland.

“The prices this year are a bit crazy,” Holly explained, “the annoying thing is there is nothing else really like it so everyone’s still going to go and spend so much money.”

“Like paying a deposit on every glass at the bar – then you have to wait a few days for the money to return to your account.”

“I get why, but it just seems a bit greedy.”

Aqeel Zainy, owner and manager of Falafel, Market Square, expresses gratitude for the increased sales that the market brings his business, stating: “them charging so much means people come here – so I’m not complaining.”

“I’m not scared of losing sales. We have a niche – vegan and vegetarian food is getting more and more popular by the day.”

“We also have faith in our product – the foods good quality, healthy and fresh – it’s a different market.”

“The rising cost of ingredients and stock is our main concern, our profit margins will shrink unless we up our prices – which we don’t want to do.”

Sarah Cooper, manager of Peckish, Wollaton Street, agrees that the market doesn’t negatively impact her sales, saying: “all our customers are regulars, they like our prices and we give service with a smile.”

“It’s nine odd quid for one Yorkshire pudding wrap there, people don’t want to pay those sorts of prices”

“Many of our customers are tradesmen who pop in before work, they don’t want cheap food for expensive prices – they want to be kept full all day.”

Joseph Anderson, 23, is a bartender at the market’s main bar, Sur La Piste, and agrees that the prices have increased in comparison to previous years, but understands why.

“It is a bit pricey, but to be honest, what do people expect?”

“It’s a great attraction, and the cost of living affects everyone – not just the customer. It’s natural for prices to increase.”

Nottingham Winter Wonderland were contacted for a comment, but did not respond.