Sihaam Ali, 22, a volunteer at Mojatu Foundation.

Nottingham’s Mojatu foundation held a festive fundraiser to tackle Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) as well as continue their work in transforming and supporting communities.

On December 10, communities gathered at the Mojatu Foundation in Lenton to raise money, awareness and enjoy the range of activities across the evening.

Mojatu foundation is a charity based in Nottingham which aims to transform and support communites through education, media, mental and physical support and directly tackling issues which affect these communities.

One significant issue which the charity tackle is FGM.

Nottingham Police and Crime commissioner, Caroline Henry (left) and Mojatu foundation volunteer, Sihaam Ali.

The Nottingham Police and Crime Commissioner, Caroline Henry who attended the event said: “We need more people talking about FGM.

“We can give grants, I fund Mojatu foundation through my office as I am very passionate about preventative work.”

FGM is a process that is illegal; it involves harming or changing a woman or a girl’s genitalia for non-medical purposes.

Saida Barbar, FGM project manager and volunteer at the charity, spoke about the work she does in particular for asylum seekers, most who have undergone type 3 FGM.

She said: “My purpose in life is helping and to lift others, I love empowering women.”

She continued to say: “I have made family out of asylum seekers.”


“As long as you’re healthy, you’re wealthy.”

Saida Barbar

Saida also expressed the importance of just being there for people, these events are not just about raising money.

From January 2023, she will be launching English lessons for asylum seekers in centre at Mojatu foundation.

Saida came to the UK to find refuge so expressed that she wants to show her appreciation and help other people.

A lot of the women the charity has worked with and continue to work with have suffered horrifically just to find safety.

Saida said: “As long as you’re healthy, you’re wealthy.”

Volunteers of Mojatu Foundation, community officers and the Police and Crime Commissioner at the fundraiser.

At the fundraiser people enjoyed live music, bingo, t- shirt designing, face painting, a raffle and freshly baked goods including samosas and cakes.

To support the charity or learn more about issues such as FGM, visit: