Grace Devey and the team Stonebridge City Farm are asking for donations to improve and maintain their facilities

Stonebridge City Farm is asking for help from its visitors to donate resources in order to maintain their facility across the winter months.

The St Anns based charity has been operating for over 40 years and provides a safe free space for those in the local community to visit and not have to spend a lot of money.

The farm has over 150 volunteers each with their own abilities.

Due to the cost of living crisis the farm has been massively impacted as prices of essential equipment has risen.

Grace Devey, Marketing and Events Co-ordinator, said: “Our prices are just skyrocketing.

“For instance the bales of hay used to be £30 but are now closer to £50 and they are probably just going to get higher and higher.

Grace says however the most important thing for them is to keep supporting their volunteers despite rising costs for the charity.

She added: “We need to support our volunteers more than ever, if the only hot meal they are getting is here then we need to be able to provide that for them.”

In order to keep running – Stonebridge City Farm relies solely on donations from visitors and grants from other organisations.


Stonebridge City Farm supports Nottingham’s local communities and provides a free space for them to visit

The charity has recently launched a winter appeal asking for donations for the farm.

They require more hay and straw for the animals in winter and as the cost of living crisis affects their volunteers the farm need all the help they can get to ensure everyone is fed a hot meal.

“We need to support our volunteers more than ever”

Grace Devey, Marketing and events co-ordinator, StocksBridge City Farm

Grace said the appeal is going “really well” so far.

The farm has created an Amazon wish list of items required at the farm for visitors to purchase to help the farm.

“There is at least a parcel a day coming from Amazon.

“We have been posting unboxing videos across our social media platforms of us reaching the items.

“I think the reason the wish list has been so popular is because people can see exactly where their donation is going.

“If you buy some dried leaves for the rabbits it is almost 100 per cent going to the rabbits so donators can see how they are helping us.”

Many of the farms animals are outgrowing their living space including farm favourite Kevin the tortoise.

To expand his living space the farm has set up a JustGiving page to fund the cost of building him a new home.

Grace said: “We have done a post on Facebook for Kevin and there is already £400 worth of donations on there.

“Also there is a JustGiving page with a similar amount of money.

“It is really positive to see how many people want to help.”

The farm hopes to keep receiving donations to improve their facilities

Ways to help:

  • Donate resources for the animals
  • Purchase from Amazon wishlist
  • Donate food items