Nottingham Staffline workers on the day of recording the charity single.

Staffline Recruitment workers from Nottingham have created an original charity single for the McCarney Foundation in memory of their beloved co-worker, Eugene.

The McCarney Foundation aims to help children who face financial and personal challenges get into cricket and rugby by providing anything they may need to get involved.

Eugene McCarney died in August 2020 after a short battle with liver cancer and his family is continuing his kindness legacy through the work of their Foundation.

“Cricket really shaped his life as a child”

Pru MCcarney, CEO and founder of mccarney foundation

Sarah Taylor, People Director at Staffline Recruitment Limited and a long-time friend of Eugene, organised this year’s single release.

She said: “When he passed away quite suddenly, it had quite a big hit on our organisation, especially for people who have been here for some time.

“One of our values at Staffline is teamwork, and our support of the McCarney Foundation demonstrates that Eugene is still a part of our team,” she added.

Sarah Taylor (pictured 5th from the bottom right) and fellow co-workers recording their charity single

The Foundation committed itself to giving the simple gift of kindness after Eugene was gifted a cricket bat from a Pembroke player in 1979 after his father’s death, which started his cricketing journey and led to him becoming one of Shropshire amateur cricket’s most recognised players.

Pru McCarney, CEO and Founder of the charity, said: “Cricket really shaped his life as a child, and it could have gone in a completely different direction if it hadn’t been for that guy and his moment of kindness.”

She further explained that Staffline has supported every event that they hold, and it allows them to continue their dedicated community work.

“At the moment we are helping children and young adults, we’ve just helped two young girls start to play rugby and funded their kits.

“We’ve also got a young guy that’s come over to the UK from Iran and we’ve kitted him out with everything,” she added.

Tom Jarman and his friend recording their vocals

The team at Staffline have gone above and beyond this year to raise money and had plans to smash their £1000 target to beat what they donated last year.

Leanne Fotheringham, singer and video editor of the single, said: “This year we wanted to get more people involved and hopefully moving forwards we can bring more and more people to get involved.”

Since the release of the single, over £1650 has been donated in the first week through the GoFundMe page, giving each donor the chance to download and enjoy their single.

  • Listen to the full single by giving a £5 contribution
  • Support the Staffline fundraiser by giving donations to the McCarney Foundation through their GoFundMe page
  • Learn more about the Foundation’s admirable work and Eugene’s legacy on the McCarney Foundation website
  • Follow @mccarney_foundation on Instagram to keep up to date with their upcoming events