CEO Sleepout returns to Nottingham at Notts county football club to raise money for Nottingham homeless charities.

Nottingham business owners slept out this week to raise money for the homeless as part of the national CEO Sleepout.

CEOs of many Nottingham companies gathered at Notts County football ground for this event to create awareness and raise money for two charities who support the homeless; Emmanuel House and the Friary.

The sleepout this year is more important than ever as homelessness is rapidly rising.

Owners of Colour Hill Kitchens and bedrooms, Luke Gibbons and Steve Keene ( left to right) taking part in the sleepout.

As winter is approaching, the need for services provided by Emmanuel House based in Hockley and the Friary in West Bridgford are extremely in demand.

Denis Tully, CEO of Emmanuel House spoke about the significance of this event for this charity.

He said: “The money goes directly to funding our winter shelter.”

He mentioned that their services are at maximum capacity right now.

The Friary and Emmanuel House, the two charities in which the money from the sleepout goes to.

In winter it is known that there is an increase in a demand for services to support the homeless. 

But now the demand is higher than ever. 

Since the cost-of-living crisis many people are struggling to pay rent and afford daily essentials which has came as a shock quickly for a lot of home owners.

“It is so easy to lose everything even when you know how to prevent it.”

Kerri Douglas

Author and business owner, Kerri Douglas who found herself homeless previously said: “It is so easy to lose everything even when you know how to prevent it.” 

Stephen Fern, Financial director at 200 degrees, an independent speciality coffee shop and roaster who took part in the sleepout this year said: “With the cost of living, life is tough. 

“This is more important than ever, I think that the community spirit may have been lost.”

He had raised £800 on the night and continues to push this. 

Stephen Fern, financial director of 200 Degrees Coffee.

As well as homeless charities being more vital than ever, the reliance of food banks is also rising.

Hen Macewan, one of the business partnerships of CEO Sleepout UK said: “7000 food packages are expected to be going out daily.”

Hen is also part of a project called “Buses4Homeless” which refurbishes buses into space for homeless people to sleep, eat and get support.

She said: “Within 24 hours, a 23-year-old homeless woman was approached by three sex gangs in London.”

60 per cent of homeless adults living in temporary accommodation in England are women.

The key message Hen reinforced was: “If you knew someone was homeless, how would you deal with it if it was your friend?”

Business owners in Nottingham raised £20,000 on the night for the two charities and this is still growing.

CEO Sleepout UK:

-CEO Sleepout UK has been run voluntarily by Andy Preston and his PA.

-Since launching £2.7 billion has been raised.

-It is an annual event across areas in the Uk including: Birmingham, Nottingham, Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Kent, Leicester, Leeds, Portsmouth and Alnwick.

– It started in 2014.

– The whole idea is for business owners to sleep outside for a night in order to tackle homelessness.