National Trust property Southwell Workhouse and Infirmary, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, October 23 2022

National Trust bosses are saying they are trying to keep members happy amid the cost of living crisis.

National Trust property boss is hoping to keep engagement high with members despite the cost of living crisis effecting many of the charity’s visitors.

The cost of a membership starts at £10 a year for a young person under the age of 17 but the prices reach upwards of £80 for a year long family membership.

The charity has very loyal members with most enjoying the sites multiple times a year but with the cost of living increasing many people question if it is worth it.

Rob Holder, the general manager for Clumber Park, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, said “We are very aware of how the cost of living crisis is affecting our members and we have been trialing various cost-saving initiatives, including kids eating free and free entry for families to various properties across the UK.”

Many members do not feel as if their membership is something they would feel that they would need to give up because of the cost of living crisis.

Emma Halstead, a long time National Trust member said: “I am very much a loyal member and was never really going to let it drop but it is really expensive now, especially because my oldest isn’t a child any more.”

The cost of a membership for a family for two adults and their children is £133 a year which works out to be £11.15 a month so for some members who are feeling the effect of the rise in living costs it is an expense which cannot be factored in but for most members they are happy to continue paying the price.

Nicky Murray, who works at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and a long standing National Trust member said: “We have only used the membership twice this year so isn’t really worth it but we won’t cancel it because it is nice to have it there

“I am lucky that my family aren’t really feeling the crunch but if our disposable income changes I would consider canceling it.”

Members have been more engaged since the beginning of the pandemic, despite the cost of living increase as many people reflected on what they thought was important to them.

It is expected that the membership numbers will grow at a subdue rate due to the uncertainty of everything happening in the UK but they have seen high levels of support from members during and post-covid.

They hope to ensure that everyone is welcome at the over 300 properties and parks across the UK and want to make sure there is enough for all ages to do for free there.

Members get free entry to all National Trust Properties as well as other perks, including free parking in most of the charities car parks.

The National Trust is Europe’s largest conservation charity and was founded in 1895 by Octavia Hill, Sir Robert Hunter and Canon Hardwicke Rawnsley and currently has 5.6 million members across the UK.