Some artistic photos taken by Vawn in Nottingham.

Vawn Humphrey-Wilson has been leading the way in developing the underground arts scene in Nottingham.

His work is an enigmatic yet stylish collection of both the city and the people in it, an incredibly diverse depiction of everyday life.

The creative youngster has developed a unique style, providing exciting content across a plethora of platforms for viewers across the globe.

Vawn goes by the apt name of Vawn.Creates across his main social accounts which include YouTube and Instagram which have gained him thousands of fans.

Vawn’s photos taken in Old Market Square.

One of his other socials, TikTok, has amassed a huge following, receiving over 200,000 likes on his short videos.

TikTok allows for videos under three minutes to be published and has been propelled into the spotlight after gaining worldwide popularity since 2018.

Vawn said: “I do photography as a hobby but is also a passion, I’ve also been filmmaking since I left college two years ago.”

Photos taken in London by Vawn.

His platforms and channels are incredibly different from other content creators as he shares his spotlight with members of Nottingham’s eclectic arts scene, showcasing the artistic works from local artists, bands and models who are looking to further their career.

Vawn shared some advice to others who may want to pursue their dreams in the creative field.

He went on to say: “I want to share my art with other people and inspire others not only from my generation but as many people as I can.

“It’s important for me to show off my passion and help to motivate people because when I was younger, I didn’t have many people around me to help motivate me, so I wanted to be the one who helps motivate others and pass my passion on.”

After speaking with Vawn, it was clear to see he loves what he does and has a strong appetite to create entertaining content for people from all backgrounds.

His hard work shines through his videos and photographs but has also helped open doors for other budding creatives gaining them increased exposure by being published on his platforms.

It hasn’t always been easy for Vawn and has had to start from scratch to build his following, but with his dedication coinciding with his love for art, he has developed a fantastic social media world for people to enjoy.

To see Vawn’s work, you can visit his social media accounts on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram with the handle Vawn.Creates.