TikTok took the world by storm with its new trends and products that go ‘viral’ each month, meaning users are purchasing products due to recommendations they have seen on their favourite app.

Hair Wraps

The Dyson Hair wrap was already a fairly popular product before its Tik Tok debut, however after Christmas, many people shared demos of the product on the app which resulted in a domino of sales.

The hair styling tool creates volume, dries, straightens and curls hair with different attachments.

Inside the box, the tool comes with five different options, a pre-styling dryer, a soft straightening brush, a firm straightening brush, a round brush and curling barrels.

At a high-end price of £449.99, a lot of people have discovered Air Wrap ‘dupes’ to get the bouncy blow-dry look without the hefty price.

BaByliss have launched their new product, the Air Style 1000 which many users have claimed does the same thing for just £40, rather than the more pricey £400.


I can do a more in-depth on YouTube but this is the jist! #dysonairwrap #dysonairwraptutorial #blowouttutorial

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Ruched Leggings

If you have TikTok, you no doubt have already seen the popular ‘ruched leggings’ which lift and extenuate the bum.

Users took to Tik Tok to show off the leggings and how flattering they found them.

Lucy Watts, 21 said: “I saw the leggings being promoted all over TikTok and the first few times I saw them I didn’t think much of them but when I saw dozens of people wearing them on my ‘for you page’, I was convinced to buy.

“I’m glad I did because I’ve never seen this sort of material used on leggings before and they are really flattering.”


tik tok leggings review let’s see what the hype is about 👀 for the girls!!! #tiktokleggings #tiktokfashionmonth #fyp

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Jellycats and Squishmallows

Jellycats and Squishmallows are two brands of adorable animal and food character plush toys that have gone very viral on TikTok, with some videos gaining hundreds of thousands of views.

Tik Tok users have shared many videos showing off their huge Squishmallow and Jellycat collections, and even created TikToks advising others the best stores to get them, with videos titled ‘hunt for Squishmallows’.


Little squish hunt after work today🥰 #squishmallows #squishtok #foryou #squishhunt #fyp

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Smart Toaster

Smart Toasters are another technology product that, like the Dyson Hair Wrap, comes at a more expensive price.

The original ‘TikTok smart toaster’ by Revolution Cooking is currently only available in the US for $349.95. It is also complete with a touch screen, allowing you to choose which type of bread and product you want to toast, for how long and the ‘shade’ the bread will come out at too.

Lots of people on TikTok have shared videos showing how to use the toaster and stating how ‘obsessed’ they are with the product and urging others to invest in it too.


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Cat Backpack

For pet lovers, the ‘cat backpack’ sold by Amazon allows you to take your pet out with you on your daily adventures and always have your little companion close by.

The backpack features a transparent dome-shaped window at the back, where pets can sit inside the bag and look out and see the world around them.

The pet carrier can be bought from £22-£30 from Amazon in a range of colours to suit you and your furry friend.

Alexandra Auricola, 21 and a TikTok makeup artist, shared the bag she bought for her two cats, Lune and Archie and told followers: “It’s the best thing I’ve ever bought!”


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Whether TikTok has made you buy these items or not, trends will likely continue boosting product sales on the ever-growing app.