The City Ground, home of Nottingham Forrest

A sexist chant sung by Nottingham Forest fans has put a father off from taking his daughters to watch his beloved club.

The ‘Nottingham is full of fun’ chant has been sung for decades and despite an attempt to eradicate it three years ago is still heard regularly at games.

The song has divided the fan base as many fans feel that the lyrics should be seen as a joke, a bit of fun, or even complimentary to the city.

A Nottingham Forest fan, who asked only to be named as Stuart, has vowed not to take his two young daughters to watch his beloved team while the chant is still circulating.

The 38-year-old from Loughborough said: “I’m reluctant to take my daughters to the match because of the chant and the general misogynistic atmosphere that exists in the ground.

“They’ve really got into football since the Euros last year and they would love to go and watch.

“But I don’t want them to grow up thinking that the language used and attitudes displayed are the norm.”

Nottingham Forest Women pre-match (Credit:

In 2019 it was brought to the attention of the Nottingham Forest Supporters Trust that fans were calling for a ban to create a more inclusive and fun atmosphere inside the ground.

A pledge was created for supporters to sign to vow that they would not engage in singing the song and they would also encourage others to stop.


Andy Caddell, Chair of the Nottingham Forest Supporters Trust said: “We have had a small number of our members complain about the chant recently.

“Our role as the trust is to represent the views of our members, not the fans as a whole.

“We have committed to one female member that we will raise the issue with all members to assess if more action should be taken.

“This is something that must be dealt with however at this time the Trust do not have an official standpoint.”