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Time to spring clean your house but not sure where to begin?

By taking it one day at a time, this might be the solution you need to get started.

Spring cleaning is the time where you declutter a space to make it easier to clean.

It can easily get overwhelming because it can be such a big project, depending on the space you are planning to tackle.

Spring deep cleaning season is around the corner as the National Spring Cleaning Week is from March 6 to March 12.

According to the ‘Fantastic Cleaners’ blog, 2% – 5% of the UK are obsessive hoarders.

Carpet-cleaning nottingham
Mobile cleaning business in Nottingham

A Nottingham cleaning service named ‘Mum’s helping hands’ stated that they’re always fully booked for spring cleaning jobs across the city in the winter season, including in March.

This is perhaps a result of it being spring cleaning week in this month.

More people are less likely to be motivated to spring clean their house during the cold winter days and the reason could be due to the lack of sunlight during the winter.

This explains why spring cleaning businesses get a lot of bookings during the winter months because people are less active.

However, there are ways to spring clean your house for yourself and not need to hire a service, spring cleaning isn’t as overwhelming as it sounds.

Many people often avoid spring cleaning because they do not know where to start but it doesn’t have to be so complicated, it’s quite simple.

Firstly it’s important to prepare bin bags or boxes into four compartments:

  • Things to donate
  • Items to throw away
  • Items that need repairing
  • Other items that can be put into temporary storage until it’s complete (you might find one earring and can’t find the other pair, keep it in temporary storage until you find them both)

By keeping a note with you as you’re cleaning, it will also help to make some notes of the lists of projects you need to organise after cleaning such as organising the shoe rack or organising old photos.

Now you know what to do, are you ready to give your house the spring clean it has been waiting for?