NTU Women's hockey in action. Credit: NTU.

Degrees aren’t an easy thing to come by. It takes a lot of hard work and universities often swamp their students with assignments, exams and a million other deadlines. But Wednesday is a day for students to forget about their work and participate in university sport. With Nottingham Trent (NTU) also competing today, we take a look at five women’s teams and who they’re facing.


NTU Women’s first team are facing off against University of Newcastle first team in the EY National Trophy. NTU beat University of Birmingham first team 57-41 in the last round, while Newcastle claimed a 67-44 victory against University of Liverpool. Trent sit top of EY Midlands Tier 1 table, having won all seven of their games this season. The side will look to beat the North-East university, continuing their undefeated run. However, the feat won’t be easy as Newcastle are also undefeated in the in EY Northern Tier 1.


Trent Women’s third team are preparing for their fierce rivals, University of Nottingham fourth team. The two teams, who always have great battles, face off in the ICG Midlands Tier 2. From their top team to their bottom, the two universities are known for their intense match-ups over the years. NTU will travel across the city to play at the Uni Of campus, where a hostile environment will be waiting for them. While it is a grudge match, the fixture is also an important one for the league and one that both teams will want as the season draws to a close.


Another side facing a local rival is NTU’s Women’s football second team, who travel to the University of Leicester to face their first team today. The match-up is a huge fixture, with Trent sitting in fourth and Leicester sitting just one place behind. The teams are separated by four points and both teams are will want to grab all three points. The win for NTU will see them move up the table, while Leicester would move within one point of Trent. The three points is also for crucial for both sides avoiding relegation and remaining in the Midlands Tier 2.


NTU Women’s second team face off against University of Cambridge second team in the Midlands Tier 3. Trent’s last fixture was against Cambridge, where they suffered a disappointing 39-14 loss. NTU will want to avenge that loss and grab a win against the prestigious university. The fixture is important for Trent as they sit a couple points above the relegation zone and hope to avoid going down this season.


NTU Women’s first team also compete in a Nottingham derby today as they face Uni Of’s first team in the second round of the National Trophy. Trent played University of Cambridge first team in the previous round of the competition, beating them 95-17. The draw is a massive fixture, as Trent sit first in Midlands Tier 1, being undefeated for the season, while Uni Of are second in the table. The derby also has added tensions after NTU beat Uni Of 61-54 in the league last weekend. With both teams motivated to win and go through to the next round, the clash is sure to be a big one.