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Due to concerns about global temperatures rising, Nottingham residents want to know how to make their homes a sustainable place in 2022.

The new year has arrived, and some people want to re-decorate their homes accordingly with fresh homeware.

However, it can be difficult to find eco-friendly ways in doing so.

Second-year Furniture and Product Design student at Nottingham Trent University, Owen Fenton, said: “Tutors are now encouraging us to make sustainable products made from recycled materials.

“We recently did a group project for a company called TAKT which is a design organisation.

“We chose one room in the house and all made different furniture and designs for that room, I choose a shelf, all of which had to be made out sustainable materials.

“We had to outline in the brief what makes it environmentally friendly.

“It encourages students to continue the way they started, eco-friendly.”

Here are some of the best ways to find sustainable Nottingham artists for your home in 2022.

1.) Kelly Ann Holmes 

Kelly Ann Holes is a fantastic sustainable artist from Nottingham, specialising in the use of recycled drinking tin cans.

She uses something that was originally destined for the bin, into something that would make your house a home.

Kelly also runs her own gardening business because she finds that art hasn’t always got the most stable income and there are periods of time when no-one buys her work, but other times where her work is really popular.

Her recycled and sustainable art is full of colourful inspiration and would look great hanging against cream or white walls in your house.

2022 is bringing you more ways of protecting our planet from global temperatures rising and artists, such as Kelly, help you find ways to decorate your home that reduce further worry around global warming.

Her work is perfect for your Nottingham 2022 home as lots of her recycled art is inspired from the environment of the unique city.

2.) Sarah Turner Eco Art & Design 

Sarah Turner is a Nottingham artist that creates beautifully sustainable work such as sculptures, lighting, and gifts.

All of her supplies are made from waste materials, discarded items, cans, and glass bottles and creates it into something for your 2022 home.

Her latest sculpture was of Man City and Tottenham Hotspurs football fans which she made from waste and discarded plastics to promote #noplastichere campaign which aims to remove all plastic from their stadiums.

Lots of her work is bright and vibrant such as flowers made out of recycled materials, lamp shades, framed images for the walls of your house.

Her recycled flowers would look great on a side table and a coffee table in the house and would be more durable for long-term use than real flowers.

She is based in Nottingham but her work have been exhibited internationally, spruce up your 2022 home with Sarah Turner’s sustainable home décor.

If you are on the search for re-worked furniture, here is the best places to find what you need.

1.) Facebook Marketplace 

Facebook (credit: Pixabay)

This takes the top spot for recycled furniture.

Nottingham residents can filter the searches to their area and the item they desire.

They can the buy items of furniture and home decorations for reduced prices, rather than buying it brand new from the shop, this recycled way of shopping in theory reduced the amount of produce of an item.

Buying recycled furniture could be the future of homeware as it it becoming a cheaper and more affordable way of decorating your house.

2.) Gumtree 

Similar to Facebook Marketplace, users can filter the Nottingham area to search for home décor in the designated area.

This is a cheaper and more affordable way of decorating your Nottingham 2022 home.

3.) Vinted 

Vinted is a modern app that is made for re-worked clothes, jewellery, and homeware.

You can find good quality homeware from other Nottingham residents.

This is an eco-friendly way of decorating your home.

Next time you are thinking of adding to your Nottingham 2022 home, check these artists and websites to find more eco-friendly ways of decorating your home.