January is over, and gone with it are the plethora of challenges, from ‘Dry’ to ‘Vegan’ and countless fitness journeys too, this might leave you and your mates feeling a bit directionless.

There is no need to become a gym shark or learn a language because again the seemingly endless span of internet challenges, apps and games can provide you and your friends with something to keep the momentum of new challenges going.

Here are some fun ideas for you and your friends to start now and throughout the months so you can keep the fun fresh and learn even learn some things along the way.


Wordle seems to be everywhere you turn on social media at the moment, with most peoples first meeting being an array of ominous black, yellow and green squares with the simple title of “Wordle X/6”.

But it is easy to see why people get hooked, the combination of having one shot at solving before waiting a day, simple to use interface and easy to compare stats make for easy competitiveness between friends no matter who or where you are.

For a game so heavily popular, it’s also surprisingly hard to find spoilers for the answers so you can be sure that any tournament between your friends stays fair.

You and your friends can start your Wordle journey here.


Staying with the theme of language, why not learn a new one with your friends?

There are countless apps and programs on the internet that can help you learn a language, the most common of all is Duolingo, this incredibly popular app is simple to use and features games, challenges and AI tailored lessons that are proven to progress your learning of a language.

The program has a feature to add friends where you can compare XP points and progress, helping you keep track and encourage your friends to keep at the task.

Esme Williams, a 25 year-old Paramedic has had the app for a year learning Spanish, she said: “It’s quite good really, I have only taken it seriously since the start of this year, I am having a competition with my partner to see who can keep up the streak longer!

“I am also thinking about doing Polish to help speak with patients as well, it only takes five minutes every day so it is convenient.”


This classic word game is quick, competitive and challenges your ability to think on your toes.

There is never a bad time to start some fast paced friendly competition, either online or in person with a couple of drinks.

The simple game has a huge variety of categories and only one rule, be the first to put a word or small phrase starting with a specific letter, for example “a three letter word”, “something Grandma wouldn’t say” and “A colour” all beginning with “B”.

You can change the amount of rounds and number of simultaneous categories to ramp up the difficulty and make Scattergories into a real reoccurring get together focus, have a go and invite your friends here.


Not every challenge needs to be so intellectual however, Poopmap promises some silly geographical fun for you and your friends.

The idea of the app is that whenever you go for a number two, you log on and drop a pin on the map, optionally you can add a selfie and a short story of your day at that point.

This is a great idea for friends scattered across the country or if any of you are travelling as you can slowly see England or the world fill up with pins, by joining a tournament together you can track each others stats, like and comment on each others entries, there are even achievements to unlock!

Couch to 5k

This may be a bit of last year’s news, but for those who didn’t quite crush their fitness journeys in January this can be a great way to lose some winter pounds ready for summer.

The program is split down into weeks where the running slowly ramps up in duration to help people of any ability reach a 5k run.

By taking part in this as a group is a great way to stay motivated and connect with your friends in an active way.

Completing this could be the start of a new chapter of activities, such as mud runs or obstacle courses for you and your friends to complete!

So no matter what you and your friends are into, there is lots for your friends to get involved with to help the post-January challenge blues and give your group something a bit new to get stuck into.