Annette Clay, 65, has ran her flower stall for 43 years

People in Nottingham have been suggesting who they would like as mayor of the county.

Government plans announced today will give Nottingham and Nottinghamshire new powers and the chance of a new regional mayor.

The ‘London-style’ devolution deal would be based on the model currently seen in places like Greater Manchester, where mayor, Andy Burnham, has become an influential national figure.

Councillor Ben Bradley MP, Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council, has been campaigning for new powers in Nottinghamshire.

He said: “We are happy to take up the government’s offer with further discussions about how we can negotiate a good devolution package, to bring much needed powers and resources to our local communities.”

As a prominent figure in the region’s politics, he has not ruled himself out of the running for a regional mayoral role.

But people in Nottingham have different candidates in mind.

Matt Richardson, 52, who works in property, said: “I reckon Stuart Broad’s dad, Chris Broad would do a job.

“Either him or Jake Bugg, the world class musician from Clifton.

“Another option would be Kenneth Clarke.

“He really knows about the region, but he may not be as bothered now. He’s getting on a bit.

“We just need someone who lives here and understands us.”

Students Lesiana and Abbie would want an international popstar in the role

Lesiana Benjamin, 21, a student from Carrington, said: “I think Adele would be a great pick.

“She’s very matter of fact and says it as it is.

“I would also have said my mum, but I don’t think she wants that sort of responsibility.”

Abbie Urbina, 20, also a student living in Nottingham, said: “I’d like to see Nadia Whittome as mayor.

“She’s great at what she does and it would show how inclusive the area is.”

David, 65, is a leaflet distributer living in Carlton, originally from Pembrokeshire in Wales.

He said: “I think David Mellen, leader of the City Council would do a good job. He’d get things done.

“A mayor would be a very good idea.”

Jason Cooke, 53, a business owner from Nottingham, said: “You’re asking the wrong person, I don’t know who I’d vote for.

“Whoever it is, they need to make change and care passionately about the job.”

Others think it would come too late.

Anette Clay, 65, who has owned High Street Flowers Bar in the city centre for 43 years, said: “A mayor wouldn’t make a difference.

“If there was one, they desperately need to spread money around and put it into the shops.

“Our city council waste money no end, and only spend it on the Victoria Centre.

“If you were to bring your mum into town, where would you take her?

“There are no fruit stalls, butchers, independent places anymore. Debenhams has gone now too.

“I’ve been here for a long time, it used to be bustling, full of people. It’s the same out in the county.

“For my flowers, I have to rely on occasions like Valentine’s Day.”