An industrial estate in Dunkirk has been left destroyed after a fire broke out at a recycling centre.

The cardboard recycling centre sent plumes of black smoke into the sky above the city on Monday afternoon.

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service had 12 fire engines at the scene to battle the blaze and had it all but extinguished by Tuesday morning.

In an update provided to the public, Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service said:” Crews worked hard throughout the night to get the fire under control. We now have three appliances and one ALP at the scene of the incident.

“Although the fire is under control, a small amount of smoke continues to blow in the direction of the A52. We ask that people keep their windows and doors shut, especially if you’re driving through the area.”

Stuart Warsop, a bystander who captured the footage at the scene, said: “I work for the ambulance service and was called to the area on an unrelated job when I filmed the footage.

“The area was still on fire, with thick smoke, smouldering bales of plastic and cardboard, forklifts and equipment destroyed and the area was covered in a blanket of ash.

“Firefighters were still on the scene while workers from around the area looked on in disbelief at the devastation caused by yesterday’s fire.”

Footage shows the extent of the damage throughout the area, including piles of charred cardboard along with burnt out work vehicles and forklift trucks.

The fire has now been contained, however, firefighters are still working to ensure the area is safe.

The videos also show a thick layer of smoke covering the sky which has enveloped the nearby area.

The Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service have advised people to avoid the area due to  reports of asbestos and to contact the local authorities if there is any ash on your property.

The cause of the fire is currently unknown but an investigation will take place once the area has been fully extinguished.

The fire continues to be extinguished and firefighters are expected to be on the scene for the remainder of Tuesday.