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With Valentines day less than two weeks away, you may be eager to jump onto dating apps and get something organised for the big day.

The nerves of being by yourself may be rising, but fear not as you are not alone! Better to be single than to have an embarrassing experience like one of these…

Tinder, Hinge, Bumble and Grindr; the apps that define modern dating.

Over five million people in the UK alone use Tinder, primarily a younger audience, highlighting the significance it has in day-to-day life.

While it can feel great to open these apps and receive that all-important validation, sometimes dating apps can leave you feeling embarrassed or red-faced.

Ellie Donegan, 22, St Ann’s, Nottingham, says last valentines: “a man called Toby asked me out on a date, we had been speaking for two weeks and he seemed to be a nice guy.

“All was going well, we were getting on and excitement was brewing as the day got closer and closer.

“Valentines day arrives, we agreed to meet at Pepper Rocks in city centre.

“I arrive and a man comes up to me and asks for my name and I told him, to which he replied lovely to finally meet you, I’m Toby!

“It was then when my stomach dropped, this man looked absolutely nothing like his photos, I had been completely cat-fished.”

Ellie, full of shock, went to the toilets to try and get a grip on the situation.

She continued to say: “It was at this moment I thought this is completely insane, I don’t even fancy this man, and he looks nothing like how he portrayed himself online, I took this as my cue to leave.

“Not quite the exciting valentines day I expected!”

It’s not ideal when someone turns up looking nothing like how they made themselves appear online, however, it is even worse when they forget to mention some health related issues…

Chloé Pedley, 25, Stapleford, Nottingham shared how she met a guy from Tinder.

“I was a hairdresser at the time so he came into the salon for me to do his hair the first meeting.

“I noticed black on his teeth and thought he had braces so I said how cute his braces were and asked him to grin… it was his teeth rotting.”

From this it is clear that dating apps are full of disasters and embarrassing experiences over all age groups.

There is no pressure to rush into talking to someone to try and bag a valentines date, as you never know, it may turn out like one of these!

Do what you enjoy most this valentines, see friends, go out drinking or treat yourself to a nice takeaway; it can be guaranteed you will prefer this to an awkward date.