Long distance relationships can be hard at the best of times, but often valentines day can leave couples feeling more disconnected than ever.

However, now, these star-crossed lovers can get a sense of togetherness through a variety of gadgets no matter where they are.

On average, long distance UK couples spend £163 a month on travel and live around 231 miles apart, almost a third of the length of the country, these gift ideas are designed to help bring down the cost and sense of distance by providing a connection.

1. The Lovebox for Lovers


This little box is designed to be put on a desk or somewhere accessible so that your partner can let you know that they are thinking of you from anywhere with a small message.

By using a mobile app, short messages and even pictures can be sent to the Lovebox causing the heart on the front to spin until the lid is lifted up to reveal the message.

Messages can even be scheduled to send at specific times so that you can be there for special moments at times when you might be busy, or due to time zones, even asleep!

This device is bought individually for £112.99 or as a pair for £205.98 and can be found here.

2. Friendship lamps

As in the name, Friendship lamps were originally designed to be used by friends but they can also double as a really quick way to send a simple message of warmth to a distant partner.

By tapping the top of the device, any other lamp that has been synced up to it will also come alight allowing a sense of connection through light.

By holding the button you can change the colour of the lamp to send a more personalised touch to the message.

The lamps can be synced up from anywhere in the world provided they are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

There is also no limit to the number of lamps that can be synced up to one chain so even if you’re part of a polyamorous relationship or just a group celebrating ‘pal-entines’ this can be the gift for you.

You can find the Friendship Lamps here at around £70 each with a discount for each additional unit bought.

3. Bond Touch Bracelet

Credit: BondTouch

This bracelet helps couples literally stay in touch as through tapping the screen of the bracelet a pulse will be sent to the partnered device that mimics what you do.

When a series of taps is received the screen will light up as the Bond Touch vibrates to draw your attention to the message

Up to 10 touches can be registered and sent in one message meaning that couples can tailor their taps to send rhythms or even coded messages.

The bracelets work through a Bluetooth connection to a phone app in which people can partner up accounts.

At around £90 for a pair, these waterproof devices come a bit cheaper than the other technologies so far, they can be bought here.

4. HB Ring

Credit: The Touchx

This next device is one of high fashion and cost but the technology reflects this.

The HB Ring is able to monitor your heartbeat and send it to your partner to feel on their finger where the last recorded can be replayed throughout the day and through a Bluetooth connection to a phone all the recordings are saved.

A screen that surrounds the ring will also light up in time with the beats for this high-tech statement piece.

The ring comes in a variety of colours and materials, ranging from £520 for a rose gold model all the way up to £1,475 for an 18K solid gold model and all can be found here.

5. Kissenger Mobile

Perhaps the most unusual on this list is the Kissenger Mobile accessory and app, this contraption is designed to be able to “kiss” your partner in real time from anywhere around the globe.

The accessory goes on the bottom of the phone and has a pair of silicon lips that have sensors and motors in designed to read your lips and send them whilst applying the pressure of your partners on the other side of the phone.

Although the technology is bizarre it comes cheap at around £40 per device.

Make this valentines day a step into the modern day with these technology gifts to express your love.