Jeremy has over 5,000 followers on his Instagram page.

A Nottingham primary teacher will have a recipe published in a new cookbook after winning a charity competition.

Jeremy Putman, 30, who is also a food blogger, started creating his dish ideas during lockdown when he could not visit any restaurants.

Now, the meal – Jeremy’s Food Tours pulled tamarind chicken burger – will feature in a new book launched by Newark-based child loss charity Help Us Grieve.

The South Wilford Endowed Primary School teacher said: “I am really excited because it is a stepping stone to have some work published.

“It was something I have wanted to get into a little bit more and in the future, I want to do my own recipe book.

“I am going to continue to submit recipes to newspapers and magazines to build my reputation and increase my published work.”

The crispy beef, one of Jeremy’s favourite dish.

The cookbook will be published in October 2022, with the help of professional chef and TV personality Kwoklyn Wan – Gok’s brother – as well as five new entries from the public.

The father-of-one added: “My absolute favourite is crispy shredded chilli beef by Kwoklyn Wan – I love it because it fits all the areas I enjoy in food: crispy, sweet yet spicy.”

Jeremy started his food blogging ten years ago and now has nearly 5,000 followers on his Instagram page, Jeremy’s Food Tour.

He visits restaurants in a bid to support the city’s food culture.

Jeremy has done cooking classes at a few restaurants.

He also thinks supporting both independent businesses and big chains is important to build strong relationships and to promote his work.

And he has previously worked with well-known Nottingham restaurants on meal ideas.

He added: “I have worked with the owners of Cosmo to give feedback on new menu ideas, had cooking classes at a few restaurants and also worked at the Cod’s Scallops to showcase what it was like to work there and to support them.”

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