Nottingham Ramblers Group. Credit: Nottingham Rambling Club website

Across Nottingham there are a wide range of hobbies to get involved with ranging from dance and sports classes to pottery making and gaming conventions.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be daunting at first but doing this by finding a hobby that you grow to fall in love with can only add something to your life.

Nottingham Rambling Club shows that a hobby doesn’t have to be something new it can be a everyday task that you turn into a regular activity whilst making friends along the way.

Club secretary Jane Restorick said: “We want people to know that when they come on a walk with us it’s an enjoyable day out where they can forget their worries.

“They can also talk to other people along the way and make new friends whilst getting some fresh air and exercise.”

Art class. Credit: pixabay

After the last year it’s very easy to feel isolated from the outside world but a hobby can help to reduce this feeling and gives you something to look forward to.

The benefits to taking up a fun activity are endless, with the opportunity to learn a new skill  and use your leisurely time to be productive.

Jean Rush, 79 is part of a gardening, arts and crafts club and a member of the women’s institution she discusses the importance of having a hobby.

She said: “At first I thought I was too old to start something new but it’s been nothing but a wonderful experience.

“Even outside of the meetings I am carrying on skills I have learnt in the week which fills up my free time, it has really helped with my boredom and keeps my mind busy.”

Jean added: ” I live alone after loosing my husband and I can’t drive which makes it hard for me to meet new people but having these weekly meetings really gives me a purpose.

“I also meet up with the friends I have made for coffees or little walks, we’re all in a similar situation and we understand how lonely living alone can be.

“If anything I’ve been busier than ever.”

Photography as a hobby. Credit: pixabay

Exciting activities really are all around us and the best part about adapting these to a hobby allows you to put your own personal spin on them.

There are several hobbies that can be done remotely and that you can do alone if you prefer such as reading, cooking, photography, and a whole lot more.

Escape your rinse and repeat lifestyle and challenge yourself to get involved in something new.