Nottingham City Council have launched a plea to invite people to join the care sector that offers much-needed support to people in need.

The council want to hire around 1,200 healthcare workers in the area to offer homecare to people in the area.

Positions have been advertised on job sites such as Indeed as well as on the Council website.

The appeal comes after a shortage of employees in Nottingham, alongside an increase in home visits required due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fredlyne Evbuomwan, a Nottingham care worker, said: “I would say to somebody that is entering care for the first time, don’t be scared – it is a wonderful thing.

“You are already a carer, even when you don’t know it, because you do care for the people that you love. I would encourage you to take this same mindset to the care setting.

“It makes them feel alive and this is the joy – you put a smile on their face.”

As part of the recruitment drive, a video was made to inspire people to look at a role within the industry.

If you would like more information on the industry or are looking for a career change, you can visit here.