Webinar stock photo owned by Nottingham Carers Hub.

A Nottingham social care worker is running an online webinar to help unpaid carers who have battled through the pandemic ‘without support’.

Rebecca Robbins, who works for the Nottinghamshire Carers Hub, says those looking after loved ones have often felt isolated due to Covid restrictions.

Mrs Robbins – who also cares for her blind husband – has planned two webinars later this month to support unpaid carers.

She said: “We run lots of different groups and give out loads of useful information to help carers get the support that they need.

The online event, which will be held later this month, is aiming to help carers get more information about support.

She said: “There are a lot of people trying to care for people without much support, particularly over the pandemic.

“Being a carer for my husband, who is registered blind, I know how useful information and support can be to other working carers as  juggling a caring and working role can be difficult.”

Rebecca, who has worked in the care sector for 20 years,  believes staff need help recovering from the stress trauma of the pandemic as unpaid carers have had to make drastic changes since March 2020.

“Where people used to come in and talk to teach other, the pandemic meant that they are now isolated by themselves, working from home on their own.

“The loss of interactions has been hard, but we have coped well.”

The support worker, who first worked in a care home when she was 15, described the process of having to adapt to home working as a “logistical nightmare.”

She said: “It has been a real challenge, but we have a strong and flexible team.”

After moving to Nottingham 10 years ago from Hampshire, Rebecca now works for the Nottinghamshire Carers Hub, a support service for all unpaid carers in the area.

They offer several services including information and advice around the caring roles, late calls for working carers offering emotional support, face to face sessions with support workers as well as training and awareness sessions.

In addition to the monthly carer support groups the Nottingham Carers Hub run in several counties in the city, Rebecca’s webinar will run later this month, on February 22.

For more details, visit their website: Nottinghamshire Carers Hub | TuVida