Mark Spencer is the MP for Sherwood and the Chief Whip.

A leading MP has voiced concerns over local services following the proposal of 5,000 new homes.

Sherwood MP and Chief Whip, Mark Spencer, opposes the development which would see the population of Hucknall rise from around 36,000 to over 50,000.

The town is also losing around 205 hectares (2.05 sq km) of its current green space.

Mr Spencer said: “I agree that the nearly 5,000 Houses that have been proposed, including Whyburn Farm will severely affect access to services in Hucknall. This won’t be aided by the over 1,000 houses planned for the area; which are being proposed by the Labour run Gedling Borough Council.”

A petition was launched against Ashfield District Council’s from campaigners ‘Hucknall Against Whyburn Farm Development’, gaining 7,000 signatures by the time it was submitted in November and accepted by the cabinet.

Last week, Councillor Lee Waters of North Hucknall Council urged Mr Spencer to take action.

He called on the Chief Whip – responsible for party discipline – to use his influence to lobby the Prime Minister directly.

“Unfortunately, I have not received any correspondence from Cllr Waters,” he added.

“I will continue to work with Cllr. Phil Rostance, Cllr. Kevin Rostance and Cllr. Chris Baron to fight for our town, its residents and our green spaces.”

Following consultation the plans are with the government for review.