The suspect attempted to flee police on an electric bike.

A suspected drug dealer has been arrested after he fled police officers on an electric bike in Nottingham city centre.

The 24-year-old man pushed the bike into officers on Woolpack Lane, and attempted to ride away but was apprehended in a nearby alleyway.

He was found to be in possession of class A drugs and cannabis, and was subsequently arrested.

The police went on to find more drugs at his address as well as weapons such as knuckle dusters and knives.

He has been released on conditional bail while enquiries continue.

The arrest was carried out under operation Guardian which is now established as highly successful in tackling drugs and reducing violence involves.

Sergeant Graham Whitt, who led the operation, said: “Our activity on Friday night was positively received by members of the public who we engaged with and who were pleased to see us taking positive action to keep them safe.

“Weapons and the production and supply of illegal drugs blights our communities and we will continue to take action against anyone involved in such criminality.”

The arrest occurred after the launch of Operation Guardian, a strategic attempt to reduce drug-related crime in Nottingham City Centre, was made in recent months.

The operation involves a team of officers patrolling the streets of the city, aided by a passive drugs dog, and carrying out stop and search activity, as well as engaging with people enjoying a night out.

Officers took to the city on January 19, 2022 which saw the carrying out of 19 stop-and-searches.

Future initiatives will be taking place in order to combat the current drug-related crimes taking places on the streets of Nottingham, with further action being likely in the coming months.