Derek Richardson has played on the streets of Nottingham for almost three decades.

A Nottingham-based musician’s violin tunes have echoed the alleys of the city for 30 years.

Derek Richardson, 59,  has been playing in the corners of Nottingham city five days a week for almost three decades.

The musician, who is self-taught, plays a variety of genres with Irish music being particularly popular.

The 59-year-old, said: “I learned listening to the records and taught myself.

“Once I got one whole line right, then it became easy.”

Having also played in bands over the years, Mr. Richardson is not fussed about where he performs, so long as the street is busy.

The experienced violinist who plays on Clumber Street is one of the many small artists that struggled as a result of the pandemic.

“People not being in the street and the lockdown, had an impact on my life – I struggled a bit.

“I started an art project, but it was all in vain due to the pandemic,” he added.