After all of the spending at Christmas time, January is often a month where money can be tight, this February perhaps try budgeting by making some D.I.Y valentines gifts to save a few extra pennies this year.

Homemade gifts can be just as thoughtful and meaningful as shop-bought ones.


Heart-shaped cookies have been a classic Valentines bake for decades and are a great, traditional way to show your significant other some love.

After all, it is said that the route to the heart is often through the stomach.
For those with a sweet tooth, this is the perfect homemade gift.

Parents could also try baking with children to get the whole family involved in the Valentines fun.

Origami Bouquet

One cheap way to create easy handmade gifts is with the use of paper.

An origami heart bouquet is a great way to replicate flowers and is a present that will last forever.

For just a few pounds you can choose paper in your partner’s favourite colours to personalise your gift.

These simple instructions will show you how to make an origami heart:

Date-night jar

A unique D.I.Y gift idea is a ‘Date Night jar’.

Perfect for indecisive couples, simply grab a cheap Mason jar or wash out an old jam jar and fill it with labelled lollipop sticks.

On each lollipop stick write ideas for fun activities or trip to your favourite restaurants and whenever you fancy some quality time together, pick a stick.

This simple gift instantly provides you and your partner with ideas for a spontaneous date.

Fabric treat bags

Valentines treat bags are another in-expensive and easy way to give your Valentines gift of chocolates or sweets that special touch for friends or partners.

You can tailor the fabric to your friend’s style or even use any scrap fabric you have lying around.

By fastening a fabric pouch at the top with string or elastic and tying with a bow, you have a quick and easy treat bag.

To see full instructions click here:

Chocolate Brownies

Another sweet treat to make at home this February is a simple chocolate brownie.

If the sugar cookies aren’t your thing, brownies are a gift idea that any chocolate-lover will be sure to appreciate.

Cutting them into heart shapes or adding red or pink sprinkles on top will give your bakes an extra Valentines touch.

Follow this link for a recipe for valentines day brownies:

Fabric wreath

Scrap fabric can also be used to make a fabric heart wreath which like origami, will last year after year.

By cutting your pink pieces of scrap fabric into strips and sticking them all together on a circular piece of wire they will create the appearance of a bright, colourful wreath.

This is a D.I.Y gift that won’t take much time and will only cost a couple of pounds.


A photo album or scrapbook is a great way to document your memories and gifting this to your special someone can be a truly thoughtful craft gift.

You can make your gift as decorative or as plain as you like, and craft shops such as ‘Hobbycraft’ and ‘Handmade Nottingham’ sell plenty of stickers and scrapbook supplies to give your album a personal touch.

Craft shop, ‘Handmade Nottingham’ sells plenty of scrapbook supplies.

Crochet heart earrings

If you want to learn a new skill this February or already know how to crotchet, these heart-shaped earrings are a lovely way to showcase your skill and gift your very own handmade jewellery.

You will just need your lover’s favourite colour yarn, some crochet hooks and glue to make these simple heart shapes.

Just glue the pieces to a small earring hook, hooks can be bought from Amazon for as cheap as 100 pieces for £2.

Whether you are on a budget or just want to take a more sentimental, handmade approach to gifts this year, there are plenty of ways you can use these crafts to appreciate the one you love this February.

Avoid the rush at the shops this year and try making a Valentines gift at home.