A strong police presence on the corner of Mayo Road last night. (Credit, Mark, Hucknall Road)

Police continue to investigate after a road was cordoned off in Sherwood on Sunday.

Four cars were at the scene on Bernard Street, and a police cordon was put in place on Sunday night.

The Police presence remained throughout Monday, as officers searched nearby streets and bushes into the afternoon.

Lisa Avison, who lives on nearby Hucknall Road, said: “My husband and I were woken by the sirens at about 8:30pm last night, we were asleep because we both work nights.

“Out of the back window we could see lights.”

Residents of Bernard Street were made to sign in and out by on-scene police this morning

Luke Spencer, a father-of-five who lives on Hucknall Road, added: “My wife and I were just putting the kids to bed when we heard the sirens outside.

“We went out and saw two police officers.

“I think at one point there were seven or eight units.

“We see a lot around here, but not normally anything like this.”

There were still police at the end of Bernard Street this morning

One man, who wishes to remain unnamed, told us: “The roads were blocked all night until the commotion cleared.

“Fortunately it was a Sunday night so the roads weren’t busy.”

Nottinghamshire Police have yet to respond to our request for further information.

Bernard street remains closed as of 3:15pm on Monday 31 January.