Local Nottingham artists talk about the importance of art on #InspireYourHeartWithArt day. Image credit top right: Out of Ink Studio. Bottom left: @currentlykimmy

Art is the window to the soul, and this is echoed by local artists of Nottingham on ‘Inspire your heart with art’ day.

Art expands a broad spectrum across the world.

It has the ability to bring us to tears one minute, and bring us a moment of laughter the next.

This day is set to encourage people to explore the endless genres that are offered through the different mediums of art, and let it inspire them in life.

Kimberley-Rose Gardener – a.k.a Currently Kimmy – is an artist who resided in Nottingham for 13 years who specialises in pointillism, pencil and water colour art.

‘Little Things’ by @currentlykimmy. Image credit: Currently Kimmy
A Fox done in water colour by Kimberley-Rose. Image credit: Currently Kimmy

She shared her thoughts on why art is so important to her.

Kimberley said: “When I was six, my mum came home from work and said ‘oh their doing this thing if you make the best Christmas card and you get to win a prize, at the time I though it must mean chocolate!

“Instead of one Christmas card, I made loads and I won.

“I remember being stood in front of a crowd and thought this is crazy, people are happy from my drawings.

“For me personally, it’s (art) a release, in terms of mental health and wellbeing and self love.

“To put all the things in my head, good or bad down on paper.

“I don’t have to explain myself.”

For people who are wanting to explore art more, Kimmy also offered her advice to people how they can begin to appreciate art more.

Kimberley added: “You won’t know where to start unless you pick up a pencil and see what happens.

“Sometimes you literally have to go with the flow.

“Take pencil to paper and see what happens.”

Another artist based in Nottingham is Kasia Stewart at the Out of Ink Studio.

Kasia creates personalised greeting cards and prints.

Art created by Kasia Stewart at the Out of Ink Studio.
Image credit: Out of Ink Studio.
Local Nottingham artist Kasia Stewart. Image credit: Out of Ink Studio.



She said: “Art and being creative satisfies me, and inspires me as well.

“When I was at university doing textiles at Loughborough, there were a lot of engineers and they always would be going ‘what is the point of art’.

“Yes, you can build a building, but it’s (art) the environment we live in, it what makes us happy.

“If we lived in all in blank walls, it would be dull.”

There are many ways people are encouraged to observe art, and #InspireYourHeartWithArt.

These include visiting an art gallery, and within Nottingham there are many you can visit including the Nottingham Contemporary, the New Art Exchange, the Backlit Gallery and many more.

Other ways you can observe art across Nottingham includes:

  • Attend a live theatre performance – Nottingham is home to many major and independent theatres including the Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall, the Nottingham Playhouse, the Bonington Theatre & Cinema and the New Arts Theatre.
  • Read a book
  • Listen to music
  • Attend an art lecture
  • See an inspirational film – Just like theatre, Nottingham plays host to both major and independent cinemas across the city centre and county. If you prefer to watch the latest blockbusters at the larger picture houses, then you can see these at Cineworld at The Cornerhouse, Nottingham. Or, if you are a supporter of the independent cinemas, then some venues to make sure to visit include the Savoy Cinema in Derby Road or the Broadway Cinema in Hockley.
  • Use the #InspireYourHeartWithArtDay to post on your social media.

How ever you may want to celebrate Art today, there are so many ways you can explore the different interpretations of art here in Nottingham.

Happy #InspireYourHeartWithArtDay!

To see more of Kimberley-Rose’s art, you can find it on her Instagram here.

To see more of Kasia’s art at the Out of Ink Studio, you can see it here.