Close up photographs from the recycling plant fire on Monday, January 31

A huge fire has broken out at a recycling plant in Dunkirk, leading to huge traffic delays and road closures.

The fire broke out just after 13:30pm this afternoon and was swiftly called in, with Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue arriving on the scene as quickly as possible.

The blaze, which has been burning since, has caused large portions of the A52 to be closed down, as well as severely impacting public transport services.

Nottingham police are working alongside east Midlands Highways, as well as Severn Trent and Notts Fire and rescue to reduce the impact of the fire across the board.

Neighbouring dealerships to the recycling plant, such as Audi, have been told to stop work and employees have evacuated buildings to keep them safe.

This live blog will keep you updated on the traffic and travel regarding the blaze, as well as further developments in the story and live images and videos showing the scale of the fire.