Nottingham Trent University

Moving away from home can be daunting enough without the added pressure of what you do and don’t need to pack – here’s a guide of the top five forgotten things that you really need.

Mattress protector 

One thing you will miss from home is the comfort of your own bed, a mattress protector with blankets and pillows can help give you a betters night sleep at university.

This extra layer also helps create a barrier between you and the person that slept in the bed before you.

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Unless you plan on cleaning your university floors every other hour a pair of slippers or sliders really is the way forward. The perfect accessory for lounging around in and taking the bins out.

Wash basket

The majority of university halls have their laundry services in separate building to your living quarters and therefore a wash basket is an essential for carrying your washing to and from.

Alongside this, a laundry basked is key to keeping on top of your dirty clothes and will keep you organised for what does and doesn’t need to be washed whilst keeping your room tidy.

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Clothes airier

Similar to the point above, a tumble dryer may not be included in your living facilities and if so there might be a charge.

Therefore, a heated clothes airier is a quick and easy way to dry your clothes without the fear of shrinking them in the dryer.

Extension lead  

One of the key items is an extension lead as you can’t be sure that your plug sockets will be in an easy accessible place.

Also you will be surprised at how much you will have on charge at one time for phones, laptops, fitness watches to hairdryers and fans.

Now the only thing you have to do is not forget this list!