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As fitness is an ever growing climate with new trends everywhere with something to suit everyone, there is no excuse to not start your fitness journey this year.

The real question is, are these trends here to stay and do they have a positive impact on our fitness?

Home workouts

Over the last year we have all got used to working from home but what about working out from home.

The ease and comfort of this idea appeals to people and the introduction of a hybrid gym membership allows people to have this option with the chance to visit the gym throughout the week.

Schemes such as these ease the guilt that people may feel when they can’t go to the gym as they can still work out at home and won’t be wasting money by paying for a full membership.

Within this plan gyms host online workout sessions that customers can access from home, so they can have the gym experience from the comfort of their living room which is convenient.

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Social Media 

Jack Haigh, fitness coach and mentor at The Gym, Trinity Square said: “Social media plays a huge part in shaping the latest trends, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as these avenues do allow fitness tips to be spread to a wide audience.

“The danger is that some of these people who share videos are not qualified in the field and may in fact be communicating the wrong techniques to viewers which can result in injury.”

When discussing the impact of these trends, he added: “You do also get people joining the gym for the wrong reasons, many of these crazes are on the scene for a month or two until the next one and fitness doesn’t work like that.

“It’s great that more people are getting into fitness, the only advice I would give is it takes work and time, that will never be a trend that attitude is here to stay if you want to see results.”


A recent shift in mindset from dreaming about the picture perfect body to working out to improve your mental wellbeing and for health benefits will dominate 2022 due to the growing trends of gratitude and mindfulness.

This change of focus links to the increase of low impact exercises such as yoga and meditation, exercises like these help to reduce anxiety and pelvic pains.

Group exercise 

Studies show that working out as part of a group leads to a more consistent experience than what exercising alone would.

Group engagement is forever growing within the exercise industry through online and in-person classes such as spin class and boxercise.

This idea has increased and will do during 2022 as we can gather in groups if restrictions allow and people will be happy to get back to their classes and create form of routine through exercise.

40% of regular exercisers participate in group fitness classes as working out with others creates a sense of motivation.

Gym bikes used in group fitness classes

Mini workouts 

The work life balance is a constant restriction through life and as much as people would like to exercise they can’t find the time.

There’s no denying that the popularity of smaller eight to 15 minute high intensity workouts will be a regular exercise regime by the end of the year.

These workouts are easily accessible as they can be done at the gym or at home and only take up a short amount of time whilst ensuring results.

More people will start to work out which sees a change in consumer in the fitness world, all body types getting involved than what has been previously.


The Stairmaster machine has been described as the perfect HIIT workout and has been a trending TikTok sensation over the last month with prove that results will start to show within a month when done effectively.

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With so many upcoming trends and readily accessible workouts there really is no time like the present to get your gym clothes on.