The Mind charity shop in Mansfield Road, Sherwood is joining in the youth takeover on Saturday February 5. Image credit: Sherwood Mind shop

The Mind charity shop in Sherwood is joining the ‘Mind Youth Take Over’ on Saturday February 5, to help end the stigma surrounding mental health.

Teams of young people from Mind’s Youth Voice network will be taking over the charity shop in Mansfield Road, Sherwood, alongside others across England and Wales.

Necia Arme, a volunteer at the shop in Sherwood said: “Six shops were chosen and it depends on if there was a young person in the area that was a part of the Mind’s Youth voice that wanted to come in.

“Mind is trying to work more with young people with mental health.

“They’ve realised it is rapidly increasing.

“Younger people sometimes won’t say, and this is probably why mental health is growing and it is really important to get help now.

“(The event) is to promote that we’re not just here for adults, we are here for younger people and if they want to come in and help if they’re feeling low, there is always someone here.”

Staff at the Mind charity shop in Sherwood.
Image credit: Sherwood Mind Charity shop Nottingham.

Many local residents believe this is a great thing for the charity shop to be a part of, and believe it will be a first step to getting young people to talk and confide in others.

Holly Godwin, who lives in Sherwood said: “Mental health when it concerns young people is something that needs to be talked about much more.

“So, the fact a charity shop where I live is something I see as really inspiring!

“Even if it gets a few young people talking, it is a small step to helping to end the stigma surrounding it.”

The young people partaking in this day within different shops across the country will also be driving donations, encouraging volunteer sign ups and promoting the information and support young people can gain access to.

Other shops taking part in this day include Camden, Harrow, Stoke Newington, Leigh-on-Sea, Sheffield, Cardiff and Gosforth.

For more information on how to get involved with this day or Mind charity, you can find out more information here.