If you find yourself single on valentine’s day here’s a list of things to do and places to visit in Nottingham.

  • It’s important to remember that valentine’s day (February 14) is only one day: keep in mind that it’s not a lasting celebration.
  • You do not have to go out if you don’t want to, it’s okay to stay home in comfy clothes watching Netflix with some snacks. If that’s what you’re feeling, you should do that.
  • Make this day about you, love yourself in a way that works for you; that could be a spa day treatment, a facial and massage, staying at a villa overnight, or it could be as simple as running a hot bath with candles and bath bombs.
  • Treat yourself: get something that you would love to receive on valentine’s day like flowers, jewellery, or even heart-shaped chocolates. If you want it, you should get it.

21-year-old Leicester University student Shirley Mackie, a third-year psychology student who is also newly single after the end of a two years relationship and isn’t looking forward to valentines day because she doesn’t want to see other people with their lovers, said: “it could just get depressing”

She recommends doing an activity by yourself to keep your mind off thinking about being alone on the day that celebrates lovers.

Activities she recommends are things like going to the park by yourself for a walk, finding a new restaurant to try out, shopping (yes indeed, retail therapy is a real thing).

Shirley also says “try not to be sad about it because valentine’s day is overrated.”

However, Mariya Abel a second-year student studying social work at the University of Nottingham who has never been in a relationship recommends that if you’re single on Valentine’s day and you want to celebrate, just do that with your friends.

She said: “Who says a romantic partner is necessary to enjoy valentines”

Go out with your girls and make it a ‘Galantine’s day’

  • If you’re interested in meeting new people then the Goldsmith street venue Nottingham has a quiz night a valentine’s day edition to help singles meet, you get to put yourself out there and have fun.
  • The Zero Latency VR experience at the Victoria centre also has a special preview night on valentine’s day and you can also go with friends.