Credit: Nottinghamshire Police

Nottinghamshire has seen a 7% drop in crime over the last year as the rate continues to fall post-pandemic.

This decrease, which takes into account the 12 months up until September 2021, was greater than the national average of 1% over the same spell.

It also means a 17% drop in crime from the same period in 2019- something to which police say means ‘Nottinghamshire is a safer place now than it was before the pandemic’.

Chief Constable Craig Guildford, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “This is a massive team effort by our officers and staff who have continued to drive down crime whilst other neighbouring areas have seen increases.

“Our teams have continued to focus upon those offenders who cause communities so much angst.

“Operation Reacher has seen even more visible resources allocated to local policing across all of our neighbourhoods and I intend to expand this and our dedicated knife crime teams further in 2022.

“Having dedicated burglary teams means the officers can have a very clear focus on getting the most persistent offenders off our streets and preventing families going through the heartache of a break-in.

The biggest drop in offending in the last year has been in robberies and burglaries, which have seen a 22% reduction in robbery incidents and a 28% drop in burglary offences.

Nottinghamshire Police have two dedicated burglary teams working in the force, which has aided in a reduction of 1,773 burglaries between October 2020 and September 2021, compared to the same period the previous year.

Prolific burglar Mark Woodliffe, 54, of Gabor Close, Clifton, received an 11-year sentence in August 2021 after he was found guilty of committing a string of offences across Nottinghamshire and the rest of the country.

Woodliffe was convicted on three counts of burglary and one count of fraud by false representation, with his crimes including the theft of an 84-year-old man’s wallet in Bulwell by pretending to be a council worker.

The figures released today (27 January) by the ONS showed Nottinghamshire to have the biggest reduction in crime rates in the East Midlands.

Injury as a result of violence has dropped 13% over the last two years and incidents of theft also fell by 16 per cent, while vehicle crime fell by 25 per cent.