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February 2022 is a great month for new releases in music from pop classics, indie bands, to Metal legends. Here are our choices for the month’s best albums:


Bastille ‘Give me the future’ out February 4th

The creators of a legendary Pompeii are coming back next week with their newest album.

The futuristic, pop experience will make a perfect gig playlist with songs like Shut off the lights that make it impossible not to dance to.

Give me the future promises to be a scientific journey into an optimistic new era.

Bastille will be performing at Nottingham Rough Trade on Wednesday, February 9th

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Mitski ‘Laurel Hell’ out February 4th

The indie-pop artist is just a couple of days away from releasing her new album that will follow her breakthrough project Be the Cowboy.

Mitski is going into a new era when she gets rid of all labels and decides to be honest.

In her single The only heartbreaker, the singer confesses to being guilty of breaking the relationship.

Then in Working for a knife Mitski gets vulnerable and talks about struggles involved within the creative industry.

She said: “I used to think I would tell stories, but nobody cared for the stories I had about”

 Korn ‘Requiem’ out February 4th

An American metal band formed in 1993 is coming back with another album that introduces the metal genre in a more mainstream way.

Requiem differs from previous albums like The Paradigm Shift as it is more laid back and vulnerable rather than heavy.

Animal Collective ‘Time Skiffs’ out February 4th

A pop experimental band is well known for their curiosity with the sound. That doesn’t go away in their new project Time Skiffs.

Animal Collective in their latest album are experimenting with new styles, powerful harmonies, and abstractive lyrics:

You need that click and they wrote it wrong


‘Our terrarium moaned’

Big Thief ‘Dragon New Warm Mountain I believe In You’ out on February 11th

Big Thief’s fifth album is scheduled to be released at the beginning of February and some of the singles are already available on music platforms.

Until now, the band’s style focused mainly on alternative sounds combined with emotional and poetic lyrics.

The new album proposes more folk and peaceful songs like Change which is simple and nostalgic or romantic Little things.

Alt-J ‘The Dream’ out February 11th

The indie-rock band formed in 2007 welcomes New Year with an album that’s title is very much accurate to its track list.

Dreamy, chill, and romantic are words that perfectly describe the band’s new project.

The song Get better deserves special attention for its warm lyrics and delicate sound that is just like a hug you need on a bad day.

Eddie Vedder ‘Earthling’ out February 11th

The famous lead singer of the band Pearl Jam is releasing his latest project Earthling which is believed to be a folk, magic tale talking about society and people’s relations.

Vedder in his new singles proved once again how brilliant lyricist he is.

In his song The Haves he’s singing:

‘We want what we need

‘We need what’s above

‘We’re always reaching

‘For something above’

Metronomy ‘Small world’ out February 18th

 The heroes of electronic pop music are coming back with an album that we all needed.

Small world seems to be full of songs that will provide us with the feeling of relief after  the hard last couple of years and many ahead.

The single Things will be fine offers an optimistic approach with words like ‘Cause I might save the day

‘Yeah, I might change the world’

There is a chance to see Metronomy live this February 20th at Rough Trade Nottingham.

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Beach House ‘Once Twice The Melody’ out February 18th

An American duo was created by the lead singer Victoria Legrand and guitarist & multi-instrumentalist Alex Scally in 2004.

The band continues their experimental musical journey with songs that navigate between loneliness and youthful nostalgia.

Their double album is divided into four chapters with all songs being a part of the bigger story.


Avril Lavigne ‘Love Sux’ out February 25th 

The 2000’s princess is making a comeback with her new album ‘Love Sux’.

Lavigne is not forgetting about her roots and it seems like her next project will also navigate around the angry punk-pop world.

Even though many of the songs have not been yet released, the singer shared with fans her single Bite me. 

The song starts with words:

‘You shoulda known better better to fuck with someone like me forever and ever you’re going to wish I was your wifey’