Little Legs on the mic at a previous event (Picture courtesy of Mark Sealey)

EPW American Wrestling are hosting a live wrestling event taking place at the Genesis Entertainment Centre on King Street in Alfreton on February 4.

Mark Sealey, also known by his stage name ‘Little Legs’, is fighting on the card along with many more wrestlers for the whole family to enjoy.

‘Little Legs’ is referred to as the ‘UK’s smallest wrestler’ and has even appeared in four Harry Potter films as a Gringotts goblin.

He said: “There are obviously highlights (of my career) like Harry Potter, doing four films playing one of the goblins in Gringotts. I had ten years work out of that watching a kid like Daniel Radcliffe grow up. When I first met them, they were 11 and then they were all 22 on the last film we did, so that was probably a highlight of my career.”

Mark, 47 has dwarfism and is 3ft 7in tall and has also appeared in Warwick Davis’ series ‘Life’s too short’, episodes of Casualty and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

Despite his impressive acting CV, Mark’s real love has always been for wrestling, but he never expected to be able to be an actual wrestler himself.

He said: “I watched WWE as a kid when Sky used to be on cable. I’ve always loved wrestling, but I never thought I could do it and then Hornswoggle (a dwarf WWE wrestler) was on, although I did start wrestling before him! It was always something I never thought I would be able to do and then I ended up wrestling all over Europe and America in the last few years, it has been kind of crazy really.”

Mark has been wrestling since 2004 when he went to watch a friend take part in an event of their own, he was then asked if he wanted to have a go in the ring himself before joining the event roster later that night.

When asked what the highlight of his illustrious career Mark said: “Just wrestling really and being able to do it. Like I said, it is something I never thought I would be able to do.”

His favourite place he has done wrestling has been when he was part of the Dwarfanators in America, a wrestling group where the whole cast are dwarfs from the referees to the fighters.

“I went to America about 3 years ago to work with the ‘Dwarfanators’. They then came over here (to England) and there was a lot of complaints. The whole cast of the Dwarfanators are dwarfs including the referee. People were complaining that it was a freak show and then it ended up in all the papers and TV.

“People like Piers Morgan on GMB supported and backed us and questioned why we couldn’t do it. It kind of went crazy. The Dwarfanators in America was a good time though. Hopefully I am going back out there this year.”

Despite his height, ‘Little Legs’ loves to fight the taller people at the events to provide great entertainment for the audience.

He said: “The biggest person was around 6ft 6 to 6ft 8. They are always great fun because my saying is ‘the bigger they are, the harder they fall.’ I can do a lot of stuff with them like running through their legs, annoying them because they can’t catch me and that is always great fun. I like to take the mickey out of them. I always wind them up and that gets them aggravated and it makes it easier to beat them.”

He added that he did not know yet who he would be up against in Alfreton but said: “The bigger the better. I like it when I fight a really tall guy because I can have fun with them. The crowd should expect a great show, a lot of laughter, a lot of boos, lots of shocks. They will enjoy it.

“It is a family event, it’s great fun for everyone from young to old. There’s always something for everyone.”

The EPW American Wrestling event at Genesis Entertainment Centre is taking place Friday February 4, with doors opening at 7pm.

Tickets are available to buy at .