Upcoming fashion trends for 2022 is seeing retro making a comeback, Nottingham recycled clothing store gives their opinion on what is going to be the most popular looks of 2022 and where the best and most affordable places to shop.

Although retro and vintage fashion trends never completely faded away, 2022 will see it being more prominent than ever.

Shaun Hoolan, member of staff at Wild clothing (Nottingham), said: “Vintage and retro is definitely more mainstream now more than ever.

“Lot of consumers are buying vintage for ethical and sustainable reasons, others because they want an individual look or something specific from a certain decade.”

It is important that everyone has an individual look that is specific to themselves and echo’s their quirky personalities and the things that make them unique.

A popular opinion is that people avoid dressing in vintage clothes because they don’t know where to ‘shop the look’, but with Nottingham’s best retro stores such as Wild, Cow, White Rose, and Braderie you won’t have to face this problem again.

Shaun Hoolan, talks about what will be the most popular looks of 2022: “The year 2000 is looking like it will be popular.

“This includes low rise flared jeans/pants, Y2K mini skirts, plus mainstays from the last couple of years corduroy, essentials like crew-sweats, hoodies, Denim, varsity jackets, race/ Nascar jackets.”

For the best inspiration on where to discover or mimic styles social media such as TikTok and Youtube is the best place to look.

Many young people such as Evie Clark, famous from TikTok and Youtube, have been successful from giving advice on the best places to shop and sharing the newest fashion trends.

Shaun Hoolan continues: “I think these retro trends are more popular because it caters for all shapes and sizes, some people are put off from certain mainstream shops that don’t have the appropriate fit for them.

“The alternative approach to fashion is definitely more mainstream now, you can find similar designs in shops such as Bershka and Zara.

“It is also popular because we try to be fair and realistic with pricing, ultimately, we want stock turnover to keep it fresh and interesting.”

2022 is sure to see popular trends from the 2000’s return and mainstream shops definitely will try and adapt to the future of fashion: looking to the past.