Credit: East Midlands Chamber

Statistics released this week show people suffering with disabilities will be affected 26% more by the rising cost in living, with the pinch on people’s wallets to be felt in April.

These alarming figures posted by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) are causing alarm up and down the country with people worried they won’t be able to afford basic commodities such as food and energy.

Lorna Carter, chair of volunteer-led Disability Nottinghamshire, said that a more joined up approach is needed to help people living with a disability.

Carter said: “This is an incredibly worrying time for the country, but people living with a disability on a fixed income are at real risk of not being able to cope with their bills.

“We need a focused plan that helps in all areas- people are being affected through council tax raises, rising food and clothing costs, heating and energy bills.

“Short term measures can definitely ease people’s worries in the run up to April, but we have to be thinking longer term to ensure this doesn’t happen again”.

Nottingham councillor Sam Webster says that the government aren’t taking the issue seriously enough, especially after Universal Credit was cut in October 2021.

“The government are not going far enough to help those who are unable to keep up with their bills.

“Clearly, the cuts to Universal Credit, which took £1,000 from people’s income, have had a huge impact”.

Bill Hayward, 61, says people shouldn’t have to choose between food and fuel.

Nottingham resident Bill Hayward, 61, said: “I think the fuel issue for pensioners is a problem and it is only going to get worse.

“Pensioners will skimp on heating to try help them cover the cost of their weekly shop.

“I’d like the country to get rid of the Tory Government- I wish the people in power would come to some of the communities most affected to see how people are living.

“Some pensioners who are living on state pensions like my friend who doesn’t drive his car in the week because he can’t afford to fill it up which is just scandalous”.