NTU student Amy Hancock and film team Tom Smith, Tom Hennegan, Casey Eldridge and Daniel Grajek.

A Nottingham Trent student is launching a city-wide mental health awareness scheme, asking members of the public to knit six-inch squares which will be sewn into a community comfort blanket.

Amy Hancock, 20, who studies graphic design, says the idea came to her as part of a module at NTU which reminded her how much of a coping mechanism art and craft was during lockdown.

“The idea of the blanket is that the whole community can show support for one another, hopefully try something new that they enjoy, and it’ll make a beautiful exhibition.

“After speaking to other people about their lockdown experiences, I felt a pull towards representing some unique experiences and wanted to pay tribute to something that can comfort us during times we really need it.

Amy spoke to film students Tom Smith, Tom Hennegan, Casey Eldridge and Daniel Grajek who loved the idea of combining craft and well-being as casual form of therapy.

The project will be turned into a short documentary and will include 1-2-1 interviews with some of the people making the squares to promote locations in Nottingham where people can get involved.

The campaign encourages you to get involved.
For more information visit these social channels.







These include Nottingham Library and Meadows library where ‘knit and natter sessions will be taking place to get people on board with the project.

Amy said: “We think it’s really important to talk and so many of us don’t.

“If you’re able to be bribed by biscuits, you’re not too camera shy and know someone working in care, please get in touch and come along to one of our sessions”.

Amy is in talks with Nottingham Contemporary and Nottingham Castle to have the final product displayed when it’s complete in March.

The blanket will be displayed in Sue Ryder and Bonington NTU as well as a collaboration that’s planned with MIND Nottingham.

Those who want to get involved can visit any of the social media channels below or get stuck in and knit from home.

Any completed squares can be dropped off at MIND’s Nottingham shop on Friar Lane, NG1 6BS.