Creative professionals across the city rejoice in Nottingham being regarded as one of the most creative cities in the UK. Image credit insert bottom left: Gedling Play Forum

Nottingham has been voted as one of the most creative cities in the UK this week, making it a city with a prosperous creative future ahead of it.

According to startupsgeek, Nottingham has been ranked number 15 in the table of the ‘most creative UK towns and cities 2022’.

This award takes into consideration the number of creative jobs offered across the city, the quantity of art galleries present in Nottingham as well as looking at theatres and universities that offer creative courses.

The city offers a great chance for people to pursue creative jobs through their courses, as the city ranks in the top 20% for providing creative jobs in the UK.

Peter Knott, the Midlands Area Director for Arts Council England said: “It is exciting to hear Nottingham is included as one of the most creative cities in the UK.

“Nottingham has a thriving cultural scene, and this can only get better following this announcement.

“We know that encouraging creativity has a positive effect on wellbeing and enables people to take greater pride in the local community as they improve their area.”

There are many creative professionals across the city that are pleased to be working in a city that supports creativity at the centre of their everyday work.

Anne Crosbie, the resource centre co-ordinator at the Gedling Play forum shared her thoughts on the amazing news, as someone who priorities creativity within their work.

Anne Crosbie, Resource Centre Co-ordinator at the Gedling Play Forum.
Image credit: Gedling Play Forum.

“I think that it’s fabulous news, although I can’t say that I am surprised as you don’t have to go far to see the extent of the creativity in Nottingham,” said Anne.

At the Gedling Play Forum, a unique way they prioritise creativity is through their scrap store, which is where they recycle and repurpose materials that would end up in landfill in new and creative ways.

Anne added: “The scrap store is a treasure trove of the weird and wonderful!

“Living in a creative city like Nottingham allows children to see what is possible when you are free to express yourself and don’t place limits on what creativity should look like.”

The Gedling Play forum encourages creativity within their work.
Image credit: Gedling Play Forum
The Gedling Play Forum scrap store, where they encourage creativity through recycled materials.
Image credit: Gedling Play Forum.








Mark Anthony Goldingay, a local businessman in Nottingham added: “Nottingham has some fantastic creative business owners from young to old.

“The other side is businesses that provide a creative path for people with disabilities are in Nottingham city such as “space” they do creative classes to support all ranges of disabilities these are creative support workers at their finest in our city.

“Creative culture exists through the eyes of those that came before us.”

It has also been revealed there is 0.25 theatres per 10,000 and 0.28 art galleries per 10,000 across the city.

As a city, Nottingham will continue to prosper as a creative outlet for future generations.