The Junction at Haydn Road and Woodville Road that is currently blocked off. Image credit: Peter White.

The Haydn and Woodville road junction has been blocked off as a part of a new Active Travel Fund scheme in Sherwood. 

Sherwood residents were consulted in 2021 for a new fund scheme, however they were left confused as no signage was displayed on the road by the city council.

This Active Travel fund scheme was proposed by Nottingham City Council to reduce cut-through traffic and create a safer, quieter environment for residents.

Councillor Rosemary Healy, Nottingham City Council’s Portfolio for Transport said: “We are aware that people regularly use Woodville Road as a ‘rat run’ to avoid traffic lights on the main road.

“We consulted widely on this scheme before starting the trial, and residents were very supportive.

“They were then informed in writing prior to the installation of the planters.

“There is always an adjustment period when new road layouts are introduced and, in light of a number of comments regarding signage.

“We are organising additional advance warning signage at the junction of Drayton Street/ Woodville Road and Broxtowe Street/ Woodville Road.”

The road is often used as a short cut by drivers who want to reduce time in their journeys.

Local resident Adam Howard, who has lived on Melrose Street for the past two years said: “The main concern for me is the safety of the residents and children.

“I myself have used this cut through at peak times.

“People who are not familiar with the area also end up going down the one-way streets the wrong way.

“Frankly, I think it’s a great idea and should be permanent, and – I totally agree with that the traffic lights changing needs to be looked at.”

A trial version of this scheme will be running along Woodville Road from Monday January 17 until Monday February 28.

The city council will then gather feedback, and decide whether these changes should be permanent.

Residents can find a summary of the responses here, and more information on the trial scheme.