With 3 degrees outside and Covid spreading at a high-speed rate, your immune system may need some help to prevent colds and strengthen your body.


YourZooki Vitamin C 



Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) is one of the important vitamins that keep our immune system strong and healthy.

While it can be found in many citruses and vegetables like spinach and brussels sprouts, Holland&Barrett have many other options available to add to your morning routine.

YourZooki is a great supplement in a powder form that can be easily added to water, juices, shakes, and even porridge.


Yogi Immune support system Tea 



After a cold winter day nothing is better than jumping into bed with your favourite tea.

Yogi is a company that offers unique combinations of flavours and ingredients.

Their Immune support system tea filled with natural sources of vitamin C is perfect for boosting your energy and bringing you comfort.

The bonus is little motivational quotes attached to every teabag.


Faux fur gloves 



Although vitamins take a major part in taking care of your immune system, you will still need something to keep your little fingers cosy.

Faux fur gloves can be a great option to keep you from freezing outside this winter.

It’s also an excuse to buy a fashionable accessory without hurting animals.

M&S has some chic options in a variety of colours.




Probably the simplest (and the cheapest) product on our list.

This vegetable is great not only to protect yourself from vampires but also to give your immune system a serious boost.

Often used as medicine, garlic is very nutritious, has just a few calories and can make any meal taste better.

Also, it is available in almost every shop and supermarket.


Waitrose Ginger Shot


At first, taking a ginger shot might be quite a intimidating experience, but when you get used to it, the feeling of heat can transform into something surprisingly pleasurable.

Besides soothing nausea, ginger shots can also boost your immune system.

A good idea is to mix with honey or lemon for a double protection.

You can find them in many places like organic shops but also supermarkets like Waitrose and Asda.


Innocent Citrus Shield


Innocent company offers a range of delicious juices created to suit all our needs.

amongst them, Citrus Shield includes orange, carrot, mandarin, lemon, ginger and a large dose of vitamins, all supporting immune system.

Available in Tesco, Waitrose, and other stores.


 Manuka Doctor Honey


Honey is not only a sweet addition to coffee or tea, but also a great source of antioxidants.

For generations, people have used honey not only to fight colds, but also to prevent them.

Bee’s nectar effectively kills unwanted bacteria and protects against sore throat.

Our choice is Manuka Doctor honey available in many organic shops, among others Natural Food Companies, or your local Holland&Barrett.


Rheal Superfood’s Clean greens


Rheal Superfood’s clean greens are the perfect option to start your day healthy and energised.

The mix includes Baobab, Barley grass, pineapple and wheatgrass, among others. It doesn’t contain sugar or any sweetening substances.

Give clean greens a try and make your smoothies more nutritious and tastier.


Water Filter Jug



Drinking water is essential when it comes to the immune system.

Water filter jugs are easy to use, friendly for the environment and are helpful in making drinking water a habit.

Our choice today is ZeroWater’6 Cup Water Filtration Pitcher.

With its five stage filters, your tap water is going to be high quality and have no chlorine taste.


Dr Mercola Zinc

Zinc is an essential mineral that supports growth, has a positive effect on skin, and helps your immune system.

While lots of food contains zinc like chicken and whole grains, Dr Mercola’s zinc liquid drops are an easy way to add this mineral to your diet and give your immune system a morning boost.


All of the suggestions above are affordable to fit into any budget and you can find most at your local stores.

By including at least some of these products into your everyday routine, your immune system will be strongly protected against Flu, Covid, and other nasty viruses.