From left to right: Coxinha, Guaraná, Argentinian Steak with chips.

Be it wandering around Nottingham’s streets in search for food or scrolling through some food delivery apps, looking for a bite to eat in a city with such a wide range of options can be stressful.

This may result in you getting the same dish from the same restaurant most of the time to avoid the anxiety of thinking what to get every day.

To help you get through the hassle of thinking which new restaurant to go to, here is a list of some hidden restaurants – or deals at restaurants you already know – where you can have food as good as it can get.

  1. Banquet 1415

Have you ever wanted to taste Argentinian steak, but the whole idea of going to a big fancy restaurant was not what you were looking for?

This place might be exactly what you were looking for.

Banquet 1415 offers Argentinian typical food from their small food truck at Sneinton Market or at their stall at Victoria Centre’s Nottingham Street Food Club.

The owner, Matías Casotto, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, said: “Everyone that comes and has eaten here has been left fascinated.

“Especially because our prices are so cheap, you can get a chicken sandwich for £5 and it’s huge.

“It takes some time for people to know you, but, once they buy their first sandwich, they are left fascinated, and they keep coming.”

Here you can try various dishes from the Latin American country – including Choripanes, Chimichurri, Milanesas, Empanadas, and the famous Argentinian steak.

Banquet 1415’s food truck at Sneinton Market. (Photo credits: Matías Casotto)
  1. Made in Brazil Market

For the next suggestion we can go check out the food from Argentina’s biggest footballing rivalry, Brazil.

Like their Latin American neighbours, the Brazilian gastronomy prides itself of having one of the best gastronomies in South America and in the world.

The green and yellow shop offers a variety of Brazilian products – ranging from Brazilian coffee to the ingredients to make your own Feijoada – on Carlton Road near Sneinton Market.

Along the groceries they offer they have a few small Brazilian dishes which are worth the try, some include: chicken Coxinhas, Kibe and Pão de Queijo.

Thiago Tirapelle, from Goiás, Brazil, said: “We are a small shop, but we feel like a small piece of Brazil in the UK.

“We’ve had a lot of Brazilian people, some Portuguese and some English people as well.

“Let’s see what I can do to upgrade the shop to introduce the Brazilian gastronomy to all communities.”

Thiago in front of his shop.

3. Miyagi Bento & Donburi

For the last suggestion, we move to the other side of the world to try the best dishes and offers available at Miyagi Bento and Donburi.

Unlike the other two options, this shop only offers their food online at Deliveroo.

Maybe 20 years ago this would have been the craziest stunt ever made by a restaurant, but during these technological times it is not such a far-fetched idea.

The online restaurant has various options depending on what you need, some of the most appealing options are: Japanese Lunch Boxes at £9.95 each and the bundle for 1 – which allows you to choose a main and a drink for £10.

Be it for ordering food for a night in with friends or for having a meal after a night of partying, this place can be your next bet when ordering food.

Donburi at Miyagi Bento & Donburi